You love dogs. You’ve always
 wanted a dog.
And now that you
 have one, you
 want to enjoy it!


Your dog is making it difficult for you to enjoy having one…

You want the freedom to go places and do things with your dog as part of your family. If only they listened better!

You’re in the right place. Now that you’re here you’ll be able to teach your dog to listen to you, even around kids, company, squirrels and other dogs!

Turn the chaos into peace and love your dog even more!

Your dog should add fun to your life… not just more chores. You’re struggling with things like jumping, chewing, accidents in the house, barking, being dragged down the street and OH! Selective hearing!!

You’re not alone. These are very common things and we see them all the time. And it’s not your fault.

We’re here to help you get your dog to listen to you, in every situation, and quickly. Just like we’ve helped hundreds of other families like you. 

Martin Wright Co-Founder & Trainer

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Boston Area Dog Training

Argos Dog Training teaches dogs of all ages and personalities. We’ve been teaching dogs (and their humans!) for many years and love doing both.

Even if your dog is super stubborn, and you’ve tried all kinds of things already to get your dog to listen, we understand and know you’ll start seeing changes on the first day of training.

Even listening without a treat!

And these improvements will continue throughout your dog’s life. 

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Tired of constantly yelling at your dog and stressing out about their bad behavior? Argos can help you finally take pride in your dog. Give us a call and tell us all about what’s going on.

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See what our happy clients say about Argos Dog Training!

We worked with Martin at Argos over 6 private training sessions and the difference was night and day.

Martin was amazing with our sassy dog and immediately earned his trust and helped us understand why he does the things that he does. His training program was something we could immediately buy into and we’re eager to continue our training!

Luke R

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