4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained While Stuck at Home

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained While Stuck at Home

The current situation that we’ve found ourselves in, where lockdowns and stay-in-place orders have been put in place throughout the country, is having a profound impact on many of us. As we all learn to navigate this new way of life together, there are so many ways in which our daily routines have changed. It’s important to remember that this unfamiliar situation is likely affecting your furry friend more than you realize too. His schedule has changed, and routine is crucial for dogs. Finding new ways to keep him entertained will be beneficial for you both! Here are 4  things to try if you’re stuck at home and need some activities for you and your dog to keep busy.

Make Your Own Dog Toys

Has your dog torn apart most of his old toys? Skip the Amazon delivery and try making your own toys! There’s no need to spend money on brand new toys that will be slobbered on and chewed up in a matter of minutes. You’ll be surprised to learn what you can make just with the things you already have at home. All you need to make a simple tug toy is an old t-shirt, a tennis ball, and some scissors! You can even make interactive feeders or agility jumps with old PVC pipes.

Exercise and Play Time

Your dog has probably always dreamed of the day he’d get work walks and playtime! If it’s safe to do so in your community, take your dog out for walks, while taking the necessary distancing precautions. Although some parks may be closed, you can let him run freely in your backyard or even set up a makeshift obstacle course for him to blow off some steam. 

Treat Him to a Spa Day

We could all use a little extra TLC right now, including your furry friends! You may not be able to bring him to his local groomer right now, so why not have a spa day of your own. Give him a bath, brush him thoroughly, clip his nails, etc. Your dog will look, feel, and even smell his best! 

Go Back to Puppy School

Was your puppy’s training rushed because you didn’t have enough time? Well, now that you likely have plenty of time, why not teach on old dog some new tricks (or reinforce some old ones)! Work on some of the commands and behaviors he never quite mastered. Most of these are easy to teach right in your yard or living room. If you need some assistance, the trainers at Argos Dog Training are here to help you! We have plenty of options available to be able to help you and your dog. We’ll be glad to assist you and discuss these opportunities for dog training in Boston. Whether you just have a question or are interested in signing up for private sessions, give us a call at 617-302-7467