5 Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

In just a few short days Halloween will be here. While it’s hard to believe the year has gone by so quickly, you’re probably too busy focusing on your costume to think about that! Many pet owners want their pooch to get in on the Halloween festivities too. Sharing the fun is fine but doing so safely is vital. Follow these tips to keep your dog safe on Halloween. 

Keep Them Close

Halloween has a bad reputation for higher rates of animal abuse. It’s heartbreaking to think about, but it’s true. Don’t leave your dog outside alone around Halloween time because they are vulnerable to teasing, ridicule, and much worse from those who celebrate Halloween in a not so civil way. If you want your dog outside with you, keep them on a leash at all times. 

Don’t Share Halloween Treats

Any Halloween candy you or your children get needs to be kept away from the dog. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and even the treats that don’t contain chocolate aren’t designed with a dog’s digestive tract in mind. Instead of sharing candy with your dog, purchase them a special dog treat to mark the occasion! 

Choose Mindful Costumes

Dressing your dog up is fine, but you have to be mindful when choosing their costume. Look for a costume that fits them well without covering any part of their mouth, eyes, or ears. It should be loose enough to allow them full range of motion too. You should always let them try to costume out before Halloween to get them more acquainted with it. 

Update Their ID

This is a great time to update the information on your dog’s tags. Make sure your address, name, and phone number are all easily visible and correct with the current information. That way if your dog does get away from you, they’ll be able to make their way back home. 

Keep Pumpkins Out of Reach

Carved pumpkins are a must-have on Halloween, but not for dogs. Keep your jack-o-lanterns out of reach from your dog. It only takes a second for one to tip over and injure or catch your pet on fire. For added safety, use battery-operated candles rather than a real flame. 

Keeping your pet safe this Halloween is as easy as taking a few extra precautions before the big night. Make sure all members of your household are familiar with these tips and understand why they’re so important!