6 Things You Need to Have When Bringing a New Puppy Home

6 Things You Need to Have When Bringing a New Puppy Home

While the current situation with COVID-19 has been a challenging one in many ways, there is one silver lining; Many people are adopting puppies and dogs from shelters when they needed it the most! If you’ve recently brought home a furry friend or are getting ready to, it’s a very exciting time. However, it’s important to remember that it’ll also be a great responsibility, and there are several things you need to do to prepare. Having these 6 items on hand will help to make it an easier transition for you and your new dog!

Dog Food

This one may seem obvious, but arguably the most important. Since many stores are physically closed, you’ll aurochem eli 20 likely be ordering pet food online. Shipping may be delayed, so to be safe you’ll want to order this as soon as possible. Many experts recommend that you start him off with whatever food he was already eating, and then wean them onto food of your choosing. Your puppy will be going through a lot of changes at once, so keeping his food as a constant in his life at first can help with the transition period. 

Leash & Collar

Getting your dog used to wearing a leash and collar early will help immensely in the long run. Even if you’re not going on as many walks as you normally would be at this time, he should still get used to wearing it. Start by having him wear it around the house to get comfortable. There may be some whining or tugging at first, but he’ll eventually get used to it and learn how to properly walk on a leash. 


It’s no surprise that puppies love to chew on things! Avoid having your shoes or furniture chewed up by having plenty of fun stuffed toys, rubber toys, rope toys, and more on hand. He may still get into some of your belongings, but this will help to prevent that as much as possible!


Teaching your dog that the crate is a safe space and encouraging him to use it as one will help him develop good feelings towards it. Using the crate as a punishment will make him think of it as a bad place, which will be hard to change in the future. Having set crate time during the day, even if you’re working from home at the time being, will help to set him up on a schedule from the beginning. 


Training your dog from a young age will be much easier than teaching an old dog new tricks. Having treats on hand to help with the training process is key! Use treats as a positive reinforcement when teaching him commands such as sit, stay, and come. Dogs respond well to treats so it’ll be a win-win for you both! 

Dog Bed

This may not be essential, but your new furry friend will certainly appreciate having somewhere comfortable to sleep and nap! It’ll help him to feel at home in his new space. Making your dog feel as safe and comfortable as possible will help make the transition easier.

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