A Message From Martin

A Message From Martin

I’m a dog trainer. More importantly, I’m a teacher. My job is to teach my clients about training their dogs. I have a fascinating job.

I approach my job this way because I want lasting change in your behavior. Nothing affects a dog’s behavior more than that environment. Nothing affects the dog’s environment as much as that owner’s thoughts. I can affect your thoughts only if you allow me to teach, share, and learn from you. 

If you’ve worked with me in person, you know about my approach to my work and attention to detail. In this day and age, we do not need to meet in person for us to teach, learn from, and influence each other. 

A Couple of Updates

In the last few years specifically, I have put a lot of work into ways of virtual communication. So that I can help more people from Boston and anywhere else to communicate with and train their dogs, you should all know about my YouTube Channel and recent podcast, “The Peoples’ Wolf.” These outlets are unique and approach dog training and philosophy from different angles. There are two more steps that I am taking to provide a bigger, better virtual space dedicated to dog training and life with dogs. One is through Patreon. My Patrons get opportunities to see and discuss my application of the Argos Dog Training philosophies, principles, methods, and techniques with me. They also get coaching to practically apply these teachings with your dog to improve your dog’s behavior and your ability to communicate with them. The other is through this blog. I hope you will join me as I rededicate this blog, giving you an inside look at my inner game of dog training in one page or less per month.

Thank you for your attention. 

Martin Wright


Argos Dog Training, Inc.