Success Stories

Dog and puppy training testimonials

From Bill

I cannot say enough good things about Argos Training, Martin and Heather. They tailored a training program for my best buddy, Dexter, that far exceeded my expectations. We leveraged multiple training approaches including doggie day school, private and group classes based on my schedule and Dexter’s specific personality. The results have been phenomenal. Everyone who meets Dexter comments how relaxed and obedient he is.

I recommend Argos to absolutely anyone looking to train their dog. Martin and Heather are kind people and experts at what they do!

Bill Briggs

From Emma

Argos Dog Training with Heather and Martin has been a wonderful experience! This is our first dog and our first experience with dog trainers. We were actually referred to Argos through a few other dog owners that we met at the dog park – so that told us right away that Argos was the place we needed to bring our Scarlett girl. Our dog is a very high-energy Vizsla that is so loving and sweet. However, her constant level of high-energy and excitement was also difficult to manage and get her to listen to us. We have been working with Heather for a few months now and have seen remarkable changes. Basic commands such as walking on the leash to sitting to lying down, as well as more complex issues such as off-leash walking and anxiety issues when left home alone. More importantly, Heather and Martin have taught my husband and I how to be good dog owners – we require training too 🙂 I would highly recommend Argos Dog Training to anyone with puppies or full grown dogs of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. There doesn’t seem to be a dog out there that this duo can’t train and have success with. Awesome job Argos – we thank you for all your help with Scarlett and when we get another some day, we will be bring him/her to you as well 🙂

Emma Gray

From Katryna

This has been my first experience with a dog trainer and I have been nothing but pleased! I have a 1 year old American Bulldog who when I had brought her to Argos was stubborn, didn’t listen to me, and made me feel as if I had no control at all. Martin and Heather knew exactly how to help me right away and understood my goals for my pup. They are both exceptional individuals with an amazing amount of patience and really care about the long term relationship that you will have with your dog. Since bringing my dog I have noticed a HUGE difference in her behavior and am extremely pleased with the way things are going. I would absolutely recommend Argos to everyone that needs help training their dog, you surely won’t regret it!

Katryna Lovell

From Will

I brought my super smart and high energy Golden Retriever/ Border Collie Mix, Darcy, in for training with Martin and Heather when she was about 9 months old. She had poor leash discipline, would jump on everyone, played too aggressively, and wouldn’t respond to commands. Martin was able to immediately see how smart she was and focused the training on channeling her energy into behaving as we want in our “mental picture” of a well-behaved dog. Martin is a dog-whisperer of sorts and is able to find the “Goldilocks” zone for correcting each dog. This is evident in group class, where there are various levels of temperament amongst the other dogs. Both Martin and Heather are great at communicating and answering any questions you may have. Darcy can now walk on the leash with ZERO tension, has full command of sit, down, heel, as well as variations of these. While she is still very high energy, and can be mischievous if she doesn’t get a full regiment of exercise, the training has provided night and day differences that are evident. I plan on continuing with advanced off-leash training with Martin and Heather. I would highly recommend them to all.

Will Benway

From Laura

I cannot recommend Argos Training enough! I was excited but a little nervous about finding a training company that would work with our goals; I’ve heard about places that use the same generic practices with every dog, no matter what their goals or skill level are. Argos was recommended to me by a lot of people so I knew I had to look into it. I set up an initial meeting with Martin, he was so knowledgeable and really took into account what we were aiming for with training. He gave his recommendations of how we could succeed and what I could expect with training.
We did both private and group lessons with Martin and Heather, both types of lessons complemented our training stages really well. They don’t just tell you what to do with your dog and send you on your way. They demonstrate the training for you and have you work with your dog so you can make sure you’ve really grasped the techniques. They also provide you with a lot of tools to help with training in between sessions (printed information, online videos etc.). The sheets really helped me to stay on track and the videos were great to review and get in the right mind set for training at home.
Before we started training I couldn’t get my dog to stop pulling on the leash or jumping on everything and everyone, after the first lesson she had vast improvements… when I say improvements I mean she pretty much stopped both! I couldn’t believe it. We worked on a lot more, healing, sit, down, come and more; starting on leash and worked up to off leash. The techniques they use make it really simple for someone like me who hasn’t the first idea of how to train a dog. It was the little things I never noticed, leash placement, my body language, eye contact, etc., that I would have never known made a difference until I worked with Argos.
Not only are they amazing at training but they really work with their clients to make scheduling and payments as easy as possible. I really appreciated this because as a nursing student both factors are what made me hesitant to start looking for help with training prior to finding Argos. They were so great with making it fit into my crazy schedule and did a great payment option that worked for me. (I’ve heard horror stories from other people who used other companies and got scammed big time).
I can not be happier with the training we received! The training far exceeded any expectations I had and made it a fun experience for me and my dog. I can honestly say that I feel the training made me feel a lot closer to my lovely, now well behaved (lol) dog. It’s made my life with my dog a lot easier and fun! The company goes above and beyond for their clients. You won’t be disappointed with Argos! Thanks for EVERYTHING guys!

Laura O’Sullivan

From Renee

My dogs are extremely reactive and bulldogs so a ton of fun to try to train and Martin did a great job getting them and me to know the basics.  The group classes are amazing as far as taking dogs together and getting them to respond to commands.  Martin is very calm, cool and collected even when I am not and is great at helping me understand how to get the most out of my dogs.  Totally recommend him for anyone who wants to be an excellent dog owner.


From K B

Martin and Heather are terrific people who inspire me with their demeanor and handling of their own dogs. With great gentleness, humor, and FUN Martin really speaks to the animals. In just a short time I have transformed my relationship with my dog and we are on our way to helping her be a happier more relaxed member of my family.


From Mary Jo

My husband and I adopted a 6 yo pit bull about 3 months ago and quickly realized we needed help. After interviewing a number of trainers, I decided Martin was the best fit. We’ve had four private sessions and three group classes so far and it has been invaluable. We spend 10-20 mins per day practicing. We are all a lot more confident and calmer and Buttercup is regularly complimented on her behavior when we are out and about.

Mary Jo Feeney

From Krissy

I rescued a border collie pointer mix and she was a stray so she had some issues to work on. She had a lot of leash aggression and always jumped and pulled on the leash when she saw other dogs. After training with Martin she made a complete 180. His techniques are easy to follow and any one can learn them.

*Please note that you must put aside 15 minutes each day to train and practice with your dog the techniques you learned in class.
I would recommend Argos to anyone because even if your dog is well behaved it’s a lot of fun for the both of you!

Krissy Trutor

From Judy

Martin has been training my 2-year-old Airedale Terrier, Maggie for the last 6 months.  Having had an Airedale many years ago, I know how stubborn, smart and energetic they are.  His working with Maggie has turned her into a wonderful walking companion and friend. I recommend Martin to anyone looking for a first rate dog trainer.

Judy Gordon

From Amy

Hey Martin….Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the girls and I took the babies to the dog park today.  THEY LOVED IT!!!!  I cannot believe I was so afraid to go with them before.  You sending me the videos really helped me feel strong enough to take them.  As I write this email, they are resting peacefully in their “rooms” after their great run in the park.

Can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to be a great leader for my dogs.  It was so enjoyable at the park today.  I can’t wait to take them again tonight.

You’re the best!
Amy Earnest

From Carol

Last year I rescued/adopted a 3-year-old lab/hound mix. She is very high energy and a true hunter in every sense of the word. When I got her she was completely untrained, she would yank me down the street and in the park get so distracted by squirrels she would blindly bolt after them. I was very discouraged thinking I may never be able to let her run, as she loves to do. In just 12 lessons with Martin not only is she a dream on the leash but we’re swimming, hiking and playing in the park completely OFF LEASH! People are amazed at how well behaved and how quickly she responds to me. Martin is very knowledgeable, clear, direct, and patient, I could email him anytime with questions and we had FUN in the process! Thanks to him I have the bond I wanted and now am able to fully ENJOY MY DOG!

Carol Somers

From Alison

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation in support of Martin Wright. Last year I started working with Martin on the training of my dog. Martin came highly recommended as an excellent trainer from fellow dog owners, all of whom gave glowing accounts of the changed behavior in their dogs.

I have been extremely pleased with the training and Martin’s approach, which is to stay calm and focused, patient and firm, and with plenty of praise. To watch Martin take my dog through her paces is quite beautiful and very encouraging to know that your dog can do this. Martin has taught me how to make corrections when needed, but equally how to motivate with words and actions. Martin gives me constant, positive feedback during training and will address corrections I need to make, or suggest alternatives that work better for me.

My dog’s behavior has improved immensely in the time spent working with Martin. One area of concern was walking on leash without pulling. With Martin’s training my dog is now able to walk nicely on leash, and I have learned to be aware of the leash, motivate, and praise at the right time, and for us both to enjoy the walk.

Working with Martin has shown me the benefit of learning to communicate with my dog; good communication with my dog will be a life-long journey, to which I am already reaping many rewards. Most importantly, Martin has taught me to relax, to have fun and enjoy my dog.

I highly recommend Martin Wright as someone who truly loves and knows dogs, and works to improve relationships between owners and dogs.

Alison, From: Brookline, MA

From Michelle

My dog Missy and I have been working with Martin Wright for 2 months. In that time I have seen wonderful changes in Missy as well as changes in me and my approach to Missy. Martin has taught me the art of patience and calm. I tell people he is very Zen in his approach and it rubs off onto his people. He has taught me to be focused on Missy when I am with her and to read her cues. He has taught me to take charge of Missy in a very calm and gentle manner using positive reinforcement and clear and consistent expectations. I now feel as though I have the skills to deal with situations instead of giving up or giving in. He both explains and models the behavior so that you both hear and see what is expected which makes it easier to reproduce.

One of the skills that Martin possesses is his ability to explain the thinking behind what he is teaching you to do with your dog. When you understand the logic it makes it much easier to remember and embrace the teaching. He also explains what Missy’s behavior means to her so that I can understand her language which decreases the power struggle between owner and dog. When that power struggle is reduced the relationship grows. I can see that Missy looks to me for direction and reassurance. When we walk she and I are much more tuned into each other. When we are home it is clear she is now my dog. She comes to me first and waits until I have greeted her before she goes to everyone else in the family.

Working with Martin has been educational as well as enjoyable. He is a warm and funny man who never makes me feel badly about my ability even when I am struggling to get things right. He uses as much positive reinforcement with this people as he does with his dogs. He is extremely knowledgeable about our canine companions and I appreciate the insight he has given me.

I would highly recommend Martin as a canine trainer, both you and your dog will benefit from his training

Michelle, From: Brookline, MA

From Tracy

Martin was extremely helpful in teaching me to train my rescue lab mix puppy. When my puppy first came home he was very “mouthy” and would constantly nip at my hands, feet, and clothes. I had never been a dog owner and was reassured by friends and family that this was normal puppy behavior. I tried substituting appropriate toys when he bit, saying “ouch”, and using the Pet Convincer puff of air device to get his attention. Nothing seemed to work and it escalated to where my vet suggested using a basket muzzle on walks since my puppy was particularly prone to attack me on walks.

I didn’t want to resort to a muzzle and instead called Martin. When I first brought my puppy to Martin, Martin confirmed he was among the top biters he had encountered. Martin taught me a simple move to hold my puppy after he bit and wait for his breathing to slow down and relax before releasing him. I used this move after each bite and within a week my puppy resisted the urge to bite humans altogether. I continued to go to Martin for obedience training and my puppy (now an 8 month old dog) can now heel, sit, lie down, roll over, and loose leash walk. Such a difference from when he first came home!