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Leading dog trainer Martin Wright & Argos Dog Training is happy to provide dog training services to dog owners in Boston. Located in Dorchester, MA, Argos Dog Training offers classes and boarding programs to get your pup right on track!

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Puppy Training in Boston, MA

Although puppies are adorable, they require a lot of training to start them off on the path to a lifetime of good behavior. Argos Dog Training provides Puppy Kindergarten classes focusing on house training, inappropriate chewing, socialization, and more. This class meets weekly on Saturdays at our main location in Lower Mills, Dorchester, MA. Your puppy is required to have their first set of shots before joining the class. Get excited for puppy training and sign up today! 

Out and About Program in Boston, MA

Are your dog walks overwhelming? Is your pup reactive? Our Out and About Program will help teach your dog to stop pulling you on walks, stop jumping on guests, and become a calm doggo overall. 

This program includes:

  • 6 private lessons and focuses on teaching your dog to walk loosely on a leash, sit reliably when they’re asked and stay on a bed when you ask (making life around the house so much easier!), and listen around distractions so you have more freedom knowing your dog will still listen!
  • Video lessons for you to watch in between in-person lessons, making the most of our time together

We’ll even practice together out in public on a field trip lesson so you know your dog will listen even around distractions.

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