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A pet should be a companion, not a chore. If you’re struggling with common dog issues such as jumping, destructive behavior or inconsistent bathroom habits, you’re not alone—and there is hope. By investing in dog training classes from a certified professional you can finally put an end to all of those irritating bad habits and get the obedient, happy pet you’ve always wanted!

now, let’s talk consultations

We offer a no-charge phone evaluation as an opportunity to discuss your life with your dog. We will be able to get an idea of your situation and discuss the next best plan of action.

We also offer an in-person consultation. This is our chance to meet for up to 90 minutes to discuss your dog’s current overall behavior, daily schedule, medical situation, and problem behaviors along with your goals for your dog. We’ll discuss a variety of options to permanently resolve any problematic behaviors and help you achieve your goals, as well as review our company policies.


argos presents

Boston’s Best Board and Train Program

Fast Start Program

This program gives you a huge head start; your dog comes to stay with us, so we really get to know your dog and see all the behaviors that you need help with.

Unlimited Freedom Program

20 Day Program

Imagine the peace of mind of your dog’s training being done the fastest, most effective and enjoyable way… perfect for your busy life, without worrying about the hardest part - the initial training.

Out and About Program

6 Lesson Program

Your dog will quickly learn to stop pulling you on walks, stop jumping on your guests, and settle down calmly when you need them to – AND you’ll also be heard and listened to when there are more distractions around!

Puppy Programs

The cuteness and the excitement in your family wear off when your puppy starts wreaking havoc at home – having accidents and play-biting everyone, wanting to play when you’re tired and not listening when you REALLY need them to. Jumping all over everyone and barking when the wind blows. We know how it is!

Our puppy programs have been created just for you, to help you with everything you need for your new puppy’s listening skills and behavior forever. So you never have to worry about not being able to enjoy this new fur-ball in your life! 

Puppy Kindergarten for Pups 8 – 12 weeks

Puppy Kindergarten 2: Additional Socialization for Pups 13 – 20 weeks

The Dog Pro-Social: Must Have Attended Argos Dog Training Puppy Kindergarten 1 and/or 2

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See what our happy clients say about Argos Dog Training!

This has been my first experience with a dog trainer and I have been nothing but pleased!

I have a 1 year old American Bulldog who when I had brought her to Argos was stubborn, didn’t listen to me, and made me feel as if I had no control at all. Martin and Heather knew exactly how to help me right away and understood my goals for my pup. They are both exceptional individuals with an amazing amount of patience and really care about the long term relationship that you will have with your dog. Since bringing my dog I have noticed a HUGE difference in her behavior and am extremely pleased with the way things are going. I would absolutely recommend Argos to everyone that needs help training their dog, you surely won’t regret it! 

Katryna Lovell

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