Fast Start Program

Boston's Best board and train program

Fast Start board and train program $3775

Perfect for families who are really busy but want to make the most of training –  or families who want to be involved in training but also appreciate saving time!

You know that your dog actually listening to you will mean more freedom for you AND your dog, and so much less stress and frustration in your day.  No more jumping, barking too much, dragging you on walks, overreacting to other dogs and people, chewing, digging, stealing, play-biting… you name it!

We’ll teach your dog, then teach you to communicate with them so they will listen to you, happily being attentive, even around distractions.

Your dog will stay with us in our home, Monday through Friday of the first week. On Friday, you will have a one-hour lesson and take your dog home.  On Saturday and Sunday, you will practice with your dog. On Monday, you will drop your dog off again. We will work with your dog until Friday, when you have your second lesson, before taking your dog home. Now, at the end of two weeks, you and your dog are already so much farther along.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know quickly to maintain and continue your dog’s new training and support you through your practice.

This program includes:

  • 10 days of intense 1-on-1 training practice while your dog stays at your trainer’s home. 
    • Only two dogs are in for boarding and training at one time.
  • 4 Private lessons to teach you how to train and maintain your dog’s training. 
  • Your Dog Training Client Folder 
    • Post Consultation Notes providing detailed advice to help you with problems and goals
    • Ideas about reducing your dog’s latent stress and reinforcing structure 
    • A flow chart to help you learn and understand our communication language so that you can become more consistent faster. 
    • A sample 24-hour schedule for training and living with your dog ( this is the same schedule that I follow, 
    • An outline that gives step-by-step instructions for all training exercises and games
  • Your Digital Notebook 
    • 19 Video lessons with an average running time of under 5 minutes
    • Homework assignments with review and feedback 
  • The SuperCycles Independent Study Program
  • Ten Videos posted of your dog in training allow you to watch, ask questions, and process before you practice with us at your training sessions. 
  • Three months of free access to our support group for support after the board and train module of your program is complete