Boston’s Best Board and Train Program $3,275

Having more time with us during the initial training really saves you a ton of effort, so this is perfect for families who want to make the most of training but are busy. Or families who want to be involved in training, but would also appreciate saving time!

No more yelling or chasing after your dog when you want them to come, being late for work because they just won’t settle down and come in!. They’ll listen to you, happily being attentive, even around distractions.

You’ll also be able to get your dog’s attention around the house easily and stop doing things like jumping, digging and barking.

You know that your dog actually listening to you will mean more freedom for you AND your dog, and so much less stress and frustration in your day. No more jumping, barking too much, dragging you along during walks, overreacting to other dogs and people, chewing, digging, stealing stuff, play biting… you name it!

Your dog will come stay with us for 2 weeks so that they are already so much farther along when we start training you. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, quickly, to maintain your dog’s new training.

This program includes:

  • 14 day stay for your dog for 1-on-1 training from us
  • 4 Private lessons to teach you how to maintain your dog’s training
  • Video lessons for you to watch in between in-person lessons, Seven Video posted of your dog in training, making the most of our time together and making the training program that much faster!

You don’t even have to worry about your dog’s training slipping over time! This is part of our Lifetime Guarantee… anytime you need any help with your dog’s training… something new comes up or you need a refresher, we’ll get together and help you take care of it.