3 Lesson Program

The Essentials Program $875

This program is perfect for families who want to get a couple of things under control around the house. It will give you exactly what you need to be able to enjoy your dog’s company more in day to day life and out on walks, without the day-to-day struggle!

We’ll teach your dog to walk next to you without pulling and even have guests over without the normal chaos at the door.

Even the most nutty dog can have great manners around the house! No more having to avoid visitors because of your dog embarrassing you. Having a dog that listens makes living with them so much more fun.

They don’t jump on anyone, they don’t play bite everyone anymore, they don’t drag you down the street anymore. They walk right next to you so even walking your dog is the fun, peaceful exercise you’d dreamed of. Finally!

This program includes:

  • 3 private lessons and focuses on teaching your dog to walk loosely on a leash, reliably even around distractions, stay on a bed when you ask (making life around the house so much easier!)
  • A few video lessons for you to watch in between in-person lessons, making the most of our time together