Unlimited Freedom Program $6,550

You have a busy family and you’d love to include your dog more; this immersive, accelerated program is just right for you. Working one-on-one with your dog in our home environment we’ll get the hard work done efficiently. Your dog will stay with us Monday – Friday, for 4 weeks, with a training session for you each Friday. You’ll take your dog home Friday for a weekend of home practice, then return him on Monday. 

We’ll teach your dog a language – then teach you to use it too, and support you through your practice to get it just right. The result is a solid relationship with your dog so you can take on the world together.

You’ll learn how to maintain and improve your dog’s training over time. You will teach your dog to have excellent manners at home, listening to you even around distractions, like houseguests, kids, and other life chaos.

You can use this program to quickly gain the confidence and control to know that your dog will respond to you off the leash. 

This program includes:

  • 4 weeks of intense practice 1-on-1 training with us.
  • Up to 6 Private lessons to teach you how to maintain your dog’s training (typically accomplished in 6 lessons or less)
  • Lifetime access to Argos Dog Training Support Group 
  • Video lessons with homework and feedback 
  • 1 Training video posted each day that your dog is with us for training, making the most of our time together and making the training program that much faster!
  • Two months of additional online coaching


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