Out and About Training Program

out and about dog training program

Out and About Program $2,395

You will quickly learn to stop your dog from pulling you on walks, stop jumping on your guests, and settle down calmly when you need them to – AND you’ll also be heard and listened to with more distractions around!

You can go to the park or walk down busy streets and still have your dog pay attention to you.

You want the freedom to do what you love, while your dog is around. Have people over. Go to the park. Go for embarrassment-free walks. Be able to leave for work without the chase around the yard or competing with the squirrel!

You’d even do those things more often if you knew your dog would listen better!

We’ll even practice together so you know your dog will listen even around distractions.

This program includes:

  • 6 private lessons and focuses on teaching your dog to walk loosely on a leash, sit reliably when they’re asked and stay on a bed when you ask (making life around the house so much easier!), and listen around distractions so you have more freedom knowing your dog will still listen!
  • Your Dog Training Client Folder 
    • Post Consultation Notes providing detailed advice to help you with problems and goals
    • Ideas about reducing your dog’s latent stress and reinforcing structure 
    • A flow chart to help you learn and understand our communication language so that you can become more consistent faster. 
    • A sample 24-hour schedule for training and living with your dog ( this is the same schedule that I follow, 
    • An outline that gives step-by-step instructions for all training exercises and games
  • Your Digital Notebook 
    • 19 Video lessons with an average running time of under 5 minutes
    • Homework assignments with review and feedback 
  • The SuperCycles Independent Study Program
    • 43 dog training videos with an average playing time of under 4 minutes showing all the games and exercises we practice during your six private sessions.