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Are you a resident of Cambridge looking to find a quality dog trainer near you? Book with Argos Dog Training!  Argos Dog Training and leading trainer Martin Wright are happy to provide residents of Cambridge, MA with their full dog training services. We provide a wide range of personal and group training services at our Dorchester location along with private training services catering to your schedule for our extremely busy dog owners. For those Cambridge residents, we offer In-Home private sessions where we can travel to your home. Owning a properly trained dog in Cambridge and just at about any Boston city is absolutely crucial. With often close living quarters and a lot of interaction with other people, it is important that your dog treats you, your family and strangers the right way.

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Our Dog Training Philosophy

A pet should be a friend, and a companion, not a chore. Unfortunately, every dog doesn’t act just how you would like. Training a dog takes time and it can be the solution you are looking for if you’re struggling with jumping, destructive behavior or poor bathroom habits. Our dog training philosophy is based on the application of four main principles: Simplicity, Moderation, Balance, and Awareness. Our experience with dogs is influenced by these principles and informed by our study of dog breeds, dog behavior, the relationship between humans and dogs, dog body language, the ways that dogs react to people and people react to dogs.

Boston’s Best Board & Train Program – Cambridge, MA

This program is perfect for those who don’t have the time for thorough training or don’t know where to start. The Boston’s Best Board & Train Program allows us to train your dog in our home, and have you practice our training with your pup on the weekends. This program goes on for two weeks–Monday through Friday your pup will go through extensive training with us and practice with you on the weekends–and at the end, your dog will have learned so much!

This program includes:

  • 2 weeks of intense practice 1-on-1 training with us.
  • 4 Private lessons to teach you how to train and maintain your dog’s training.
  • Your Digital Notebook with homework assignments
  • Review and Feedback on homework assignments.
  • Ten Videos posted of your dog in training, making the most of our time together and making the training program that much faster!
  • Lifetime access to Argos Dog Training Support Group

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Argos Dog Training is continuing to grow and is looking forward to more long lasting relationships. For more information about any of our training services, please feel free to give us a call at 617-778-8987
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