SuperCycles Canine Communication Programs


This holistic approach is designed to help you solve unwanted behavioral problems and foster a profound relationship with your dog.

The SuperCycles Canine Communication Programs are designed for us to explore: 

  • Techniques to get your dog’s attention around distractions
  • The use of gameplay to help a dog and their owner to achieve desired behavior in all situations  
  • Ways to influence your dog’s energy level to ensure it is appropriate for any situation 
  • Predicting your dog’s behavior with confidence and accuracy in any situation
  • Ways to say Yes! I love what you are doing, thinking, or getting ready to do. 
  • Ways to say No: please stop doing, thinking, or preparing to do that and pay attention to me. 
  • How to give consistent and clear commands making it easier for your dog to understand you.
  • Techniques to improve and develop your practice.

With this knowledge you can solve dog behavior problems and ensure that the problem remains solved.

These programs include:

  • Board and Training and/or Private sessions 
  • Your Dog Training Client Folder
    • Post Consultation Notes providing detailed advice to help you with problems and goals.
    • Ideas about reducing your dog’s latent stress and reinforcing structure 
    • A flow chart to help you learn and understand our communication language so that you can become more consistent faster. 
    • A sample 24-hour schedule for training and living with your dog ( this is the same schedule that I follow, 
    • An outline that gives step-by-step instructions for all training exercises and games
  • Your Digital Notebook 
    • 19 Video lessons with an average running time of under 5 minutes
    • Homework assignments with review and feedback 
  • The SuperCycles Independent Study Program
    • 43 dog training videos with an average playing time of under 4 minutes showing all the games and exercises we practice during your six private sessions.
    • The opportunity to earn colored collars as an acknowledgment of your effort and achievements.
  • Videos of your dog in training every day of their board and train program
  • Three Months of Free Access to our online support group for continued support during and after your training program
  • All Training Tools except Treats and Treat Pouches.
  • Acceptance for group activities, pack walks, group classes, and private seminars. 

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