Common Dog Habits and Their Meaning

dog covering eyes on bed

Common Dog Habits and Their Meaning

All dogs are expressive and have certain habits that tell you what they feel. It is important to take note of certain things your dog does in case of a health concern or something more serious. This post will discuss certain dog behaviors and their meaning so you can recognize those actions immediately. 


Puppies tend to nip and bite more often than older dogs. As younger pups, they tend to communicate with their mouths when they play and interact. If your dog is regularly nipping, it is best to stop it with proper training before it develops into problematic dog behavior in the future. 

Although, a dog biting may not always be out of playfulness. Dogs are animals that experience anxiety, fear, or aggression, which can cause them to bite out of their protection. If your dog is experiencing any of these feelings, it is best to figure out the root cause.


Dogs expel most of their body heat from their mouths. Panting helps regulate your pup’s body temperature during hot weather. Make sure to help them stay hydrated with constant water if they participate in physical activity outside. However, you should still pay attention to their panting because it may signify they are in pain. If your pet is panting because of an injury, take them to the vet immediately.


If your dog is scooting across your floor, it may mean something is irritating their anus. This can be many factors: full anal sacs, allergies, etc. While it may be common to blame worms, it is not the typical reason for scooting. Check in with your vet to ensure you are on the proper parasite preventative. Another reason for scooting that is less severe and easily treatable is if your dog, who’s a grass eater, has strands of grass trapped in his anus. Help your dog remove the culprit to stop scooting. 

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