Common Muzzle Myths

Common Muzzle Myths

A muzzle is a helpful training tool to promote safe behaviors in dogs that are typically negatively misconstrued. When most dog owners think of muzzles, they picture an aggressive dog restrained by a thick cage around their mouths. There are many myths about this tool that should be debunked. Continue reading to learn more about common muzzle myths. 

Muzzles are Harsh Punishments for Dogs

Many believe that muzzles are harsh for our pups–it is assumed that muzzles make dogs extremely uncomfortable. You may see your pet pawing at it or trying to shake it off; however, this does not mean that it is harming them. Your pup is simply not accustomed to it yet. Similar to a cone to prevent them from opening a wound, muzzles help avoid certain behaviors and can be odd for your pet at first. Once dogs get used to the tool, they will act normally. If properly fitted and used accordingly, your pet will be able to breathe and behave fine. 

Muzzles Mean Your Dog is Aggressive

Sometimes we forget that our precious dogs are still animals. They can develop anxiety and aggression that may lead to behaviors such as biting, snapping, or growling. Any dog can present these behaviors, but that does not mean they’re forever aggressive. Muzzles, along with adequate training, help dogs adopt good behavior. 

Moreover, muzzles aren’t always used to prevent unwanted behavior. It can be a useful way to prevent does from eating something they shouldn’t. If your pup is very curious on walks or typically consumes non-food items, a muzzle can stop them from eating something life-threatening! 

Muzzles are a Permanent Solution

Muzzles are temporary training tools. If a dog shows aggressive behavior, he can be trained to exert good behavior. Muzzles simply help that process. As your pup continues to thrive during training, you’ll be able to remove the muzzle and let him exhibit good behavior without it. There is no dog that is impossible to train as long as you have patience and excellent practice. 

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