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Adding a furry friend to your family can be such an exciting time! Whether it’s a brand new puppy or an older rescue dog, you’ll likely have your work cut out for you in the first few months. It’s always an adjustment, both for the dog and your family. Establishing new routines, creating boundaries, and the list goes on. One of the most important responsibilities you’ll have as a dog owner is training and socializing your dog. This is equally as important for new puppies as well as older dogs who may need to work on specific behaviors. If you’re a resident of the Brighton MA area, you can count on Argos Dog Training for quality puppy and dog training classes! As the trusted dog trainer in the Boston area for nearly 15 years, we have the experience and resources necessary to train dogs of all different breeds, ages, and behavioral needs. Learn more below about our dog training programs near Brighton MA! 

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When welcoming a new puppy into your home, the cuteness can quickly wear off when they start to chew up furniture and clothing, have accidents on the carpet, bark in the middle of the night, or nip at you and your house guests. It’s important to remember that puppies are like babies, and will require a lot of attention, discipline, and positive reinforcement when they’re young. Investing in professional training is the best way to get your puppy off on the “right paw.” We have several puppy programs at our Boston location offered for Brighton MA residents, including our Puppy Kindergarten (for pups 8-12 weeks) and Puppy Kindergarten 2: (Additional Socialization for Pups 13 – 20 weeks). These classes will help your puppy to develop good habits and will focus on proper socialization with people and other dogs. 

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Is your family very busy, but want to get the most out of your puppy’s training courses? A Board & Train program may be the best option! This program allows us to work with your dog and teach him proper communication and behaviors in a short period of time. For the first week of this program, your dog would stay with us Monday-Friday in our home. On Friday, we’d have a one-hour lesson with you and Fido, and you’d take him home to practice for the weekend. We’d repeat this for the next week, and at that point, both you and your dog will be far into the training process and we’ll teach you everything you need to know quickly to maintain your dog’s new training, and support you through your practice.

This program includes:

  • 2 weeks of intense practice 1-on-1 training with us.
  • 4 Private lessons to teach you how to train and maintain your dog’s training. 
  • Your Digital Notebook with homework assignments
  • Review and Feedback on homework assignments.
  • Ten Videos posted of your dog in training, making the most of our time together and making the training program that much faster!
  • Lifetime access to Argos Dog Training Support Group

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At Argos Dog Training, we aim to simplify the training process, and train your dog to be the well-behaved companion you’ve always wanted! Interested in learning more about our puppy training and board & train programs at our Boston location? Contact us today to set up a consultation! Together we’ll determine the best solution for your dog and get started as soon as possible.