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Brookline, MA is a town located in Norfolk County, and is apart of the Greater Boston area. Martin Wright and the team at Argos Dog Training offers group and private training services at their Dorchester location to all of the Greater Boston Area and is happy to include Brookline in that area! Brookline has a special place in Argos Training’s heart; This is actually where it all began. Argos had a dog walking business and it’s first clients few clients come out of Brookline. Brookline is a fairly large town in terms of population, with approximately 58,000 residents. Many Brookline residents are extremely busy with work and don’t have the time needed to properly train a dog on their own.

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This is where Argos Dog Training comes in to help. We can come to your home at convenient hours to you and offer private one-on-one sessions to improve your dog’s behavior. An untrained dog causes unneeded stress in many situations. Whether your dog doesn’t greet strangers properly or they don’t behave well when off-leash, we can help you. Private training sessions can be extremely helpful for dogs that have a specific behavior that needs correcting. We’ll teach your dog basic concepts such as loose leash walking, sitting, and the place command. With these sessions, you’ll also gain access to an online group with videos of each exercise and command to practice on your own with your dog; This is crucial for his learning process. Check out our different private session offerings here

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In addition to private sessions, we also offer a full selection of group training courses and structured daycare programs. Our puppy kindergarten courses are a great place to start for new puppies.  Our courses focuses on house training, play biting, and more! We also provide classes on proper socialization around other people and dogs. We offer our puppy kindergarten courses in our Dorchester location. Contact us for more information! 

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Argos dog training is a highly rated dog trainer in Boston, MA that is happy to improve your problem pet into a well-trained companion. Give us a call at 617-778-8987 or email us at for more information about how we can help you.