Dog Trainer in Mattapan

As a neighborhood of Boston, Mattapan is home to nearly 36,500 residents (not including fur babies!) Many dogs and puppies can be seen roaming the streets of Mattapan with their owners. Argos Dog Training is glad to offer our training services in this area, to make the walks down the busy streets of Mattapan easier! We’ll teach your dog leash safety, and many other basic commands such as sit, stay, lay, and beyond. Learn more about our group and private dog training sessions in Mattapan below!

Puppy Kindergarten Classes in Mattapan 

If you’re welcoming a new puppy into your home in Mattapan, it’s crucial to start training right away to establish good behaviors from the start. Our puppy kindergarten class is designed for dogs 8-12 weeks, to help him develop good habits and start socializing him with other dogs and humans. We’ll also correct any inappropriate behaviors such as biting, chewing, or jumping. A well-trained puppy will make both your life and his much easier! 

Structured Doggie Daycare in Mattapan 

If you’re a busy dog mom or dog dad living in Mattapan, dropping him at Argos Structured Daycare is a great way to keep him busy during the day, while also learning some new skills! He will have a schedule and rules to follow while here at daycare. They will also enjoy plenty of playtime with our staff and other dogs. No previous training is required for our “starter pack.” Learn more about the options for Argos Structured Daycare here

Why Choose Argos Dog Training 

At Argos Dog Training, we are a small local company of experienced and innovative professional dog trainers, who all have a passion for what we do. We’re constantly learning new training tools to ensure we’re using the best techniques for your dog. To learn more about our programs, get in touch with us today! Fill out an online contact form or give us a call today at 617-302-7467