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Living in the crowded streets of Brockton with your pet can be tough. With limited space for him to run around the house or play in the yard, your dog is restless by the time he goes out for a walk! However, a walk in the city can quickly turn into a casual stroll with everyone stopping you to pet your furry friend. This can be a stressful experience if your dog lacks basic commands. Argos Dog Training can help to make walks and days of playing in DW Park with your dog stress-free, as he learns to interact with humans and other dogs.

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boston’s best board and train program – brockton, ma

Argos Dog Training’s main location is in Dorchester, which can be a bit far for our Brockton residents. However, we have great programs that can solve the commute situation. Our Boston’s Best Board and Train program is perfect for those with busy schedules and a long commute. Your dog will stay with us Monday through Friday, working on training and behavior. On Friday, you will have a one-hour lesson with us before you bring your dog home to practice over the weekend. Then on Monday, you will drop your pup off to us again! This program runs for two intensive weeks, and your pup will come out with great learning and better behavior.

puppy kindergarten – brockton, ma

Argos Dog Training provides puppy kindergarten classes in our main location for Brockton residents who don’t know where to start with training their new pup. This class focuses on house training, inappropriate chewing, socialization, and more. This class meets weekly on Saturdays, which is perfect for dog owners who are busy during the week. Puppies can start socialization classes as early as 7-8 weeks of age! First set of shots is required before joining the class.

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Argos Dog Training works with the industry’s most experienced and innovative trainers and methods. If you leave your dog with us, just know that they are in great hands! For more information about our dog training services for Brockton, MA residents, please feel free to call us at 617-778-8987 or fill out an online contact form.