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Argos Dog Training, a Boston-based dog training business, is happy to provide its services to all Dedham, MA residents. Over the years, Argos Dog Training has been able to transform and modify dogs’ behaviors in a way that creates a happier pet and a more functional family. Dedham is only around 21 minutes from our home location which offers a convenient option for you and us.

Before getting into specific classes, we want to discuss our two training options. As the dog owner, you have the option to train at our main location with a range of class options or for private in-home training sessions. For busy families that don’t have time to work at our main location, this is the perfect option.


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Unlimited Freedom Program – Dedham, MA

This immersive, accelerated program is perfect for busy families that look to provide their dogs with the best training. Our trainers will work one-on-one with your dog in our home; this program runs for 4 weeks, Monday through Friday, with a training session for you each Friday. After Friday’s training session, you will be able to take your dog home for weekend practice. Being able to teach your dog and YOU will build a solid relationship between you and your pup. You will be able to maintain your dog’s training over time and will quickly gain the confidence to know your dog has learned the best behaviors.

This program includes:

  • 4 weeks of intense practice 1-on-1 training with us.
  • Up to 6 Private lessons to teach you how to maintain your dog’s training (typically accomplished in 6 lessons or less)
  • Lifetime access to Argos Dog Training Support Group
  • Video lessons with homework and feedback
  • 1 Training video posted each day that your dog is with us for training, making the most of our time together and making the training program that much faster!
  • Two months of additional online coaching

Puppy Kindergarten – Dedham, MA

The puppy phase is the perfect time to train your dog to develop good habits. Our puppy kindergarten classes focus on house training, play biting, inappropriate chewing, and more! We also focus on socialization with other people, objects, and other dogs. Our classes meet weekly at our main location in Dorchester. Your pup is required to have its first set of shots before joining our class.

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For more information about our programs, please feel free to give us a call at 617-778-8987 or fill out our online contact form. Take a look at the other training programs we provide here.