Argos Training, a Boston based dog training business is happy to provide their services to all Dedham, MA residents. Argos Training is composed of trainers Martin Wright and Heather Travis. Over the years, they have been able to transform and modify dog’s behaviors in a way that creates a happier pet and a more functional family. Dedham is only located around 21 minutes from our home location which offers a convenient option for you and us.

Before getting into specific classes, we want to discuss our two training locations. As the dog owner, you have the option to train at our main location with a range of class options or for private in home training sessions. For busy families that don’t have time to work at our main location this is the perfect option.

Dedham is a great place but it’s not the best place to own a misbehaved dog. Honestly, there isn’t a real good place to live if you have a dog that misbehaves. Whether it be running away, acting poorly to strangers or acting poorly to other dogs, the dog’s situation needs to be addressed.

For more information about our Dedham training, please feel free to give us a call at 617-778-8987 or fill out our online contact form.