Dog Training in Winchester, MA

Argos Dog Training is happy to provide the residents of Winchester, Massachusetts with quality dog training services. Winchester is a quiet, lovely suburb where many residents commute to Boston for work. Many clients have found that finding the right trainer for their dog is worth it, and we have many options that can fit your busy lifestyle. Investing in training a dog is very important and will make life better for you and your furry friend. 

Our Dog Training Philosophy 

Our dog training philosophy is based on four main principles: Simplicity, Moderation, Balance, and Awareness. These principles influence our experience with dogs, and we continue to learn and grow by our study of dog breeds, behavior, the relationship between humans and dogs, and more. There are many benefits to investing in the proper training of your pup. The primary purpose of training is to give the dog owner peace of mind that their dog will be obedient and respectful to them and others. Obedience training is a solid foundation for other forms of training. From Frisbee dogs to service dogs, tracking dogs to herding dogs, it all starts with obedience.

Unlimited Freedom program in Winchester MA

The Unlimited Freedom program is an immersive, accelerated training program for your pup. Your dog will stay with us Monday-Friday for four weeks, with a training session for you each Friday. Then, you will be able to take your dog home for the weekends to implement the teachings that you both have learned. We’ll teach your dog a language – then we will teach you to use it too, and support you through your practice to get it just right. The result is a solid relationship with your dog so you can take on the world together. You’ll learn how to maintain and improve your dog’s training over time. You will teach your dog to have excellent manners at home, listening to you even around distractions, like houseguests, kids, and other life chaos.

why choose Argos dog training 

We have a wide range of convenient training sessions at our headquarters in Dorchester and private training sessions that we offer right in the comfort of your own home. We invite you to read our dog training philosophy to understand more about our trainers’ extensive knowledge and backgrounds, how we train, and why it ultimately works. 

For more information about our dog training services for Winchester, MA residents, please call us at 617-778-8987 or fill out an online contact form. We’ll be happy to set up a phone evaluation, where Martin can better understand your dog’s specific needs and together decide what the best plan of action for your dog is! We look forward to working with you.