Fun Fall Activities to do With Your Dog in Boston

Fun Fall Activities to do With Your Dog in Boston

With the heat of summer fading into fall, it’s a great time to start doing more outdoor activities with your four-legged friend. They’ll appreciate the cooler weather and will be less likely to overheat after all the running and playing they get to do. Here are some of the most fun fall activities you can do with your dog here in Boston. 

Head to the Beach

It might be too chilly for you to get your swimsuit on and hop in the ocean, but your dog will love an excursion to the beach, even in the fall! Now that summer’s gone, there will be fewer beachgoers, and many beaches welcome dogs in the autumn. You’ll be able to sit and relax while your pup digs in the sand and runs around to his heart’s content. 

Go on a Hike

Don’t let the cooler weather keep you from helping your pet get some much-needed exercise. Instead, take your companion on a hike at any of the nearby trails. There are lots of options close to Boston, but for the wildest trails, head out just a bit further. These trails will offer tons of exciting smells and plenty of challenging hiking. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash to prevent him from getting distracted by all those fun new aromas and lost in the great outdoors. 

Visit the Pumpkin Patch

Checking out the pumpkin patches, picking apples, and wandering corn mazes are some of the most enjoyable autumn activities for humans, but that doesn’t mean your canine friend can’t enjoy them too! In fact, most dogs will appreciate any excuse to get some fresh air and a bit of a stretch. They’ll love all the new and exciting sights and smells that orchards and pumpkin patches have to offer. Not to mention, pumpkin is a great nutritious treat for dogs, so pick up an extra just for him!

Play in the Leaves

What’s something that children and dogs alike just can’t say no to? Jumping into a freshly raked pile of autumn leaves, of course! Whether you have your own tree-filled yard to maintain, or you prefer the foliage at the local park, your dog will love the chance to sniff around and jump into the leaves. Make sure to bring your phone or camera for some great seasonal shots of the pup and the colorful leaves! 

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