Fun Ways to Keep Your Dog Active This Summer

dogs getting active in the summer

Fun Ways to Keep Your Dog Active This Summer

Warmer weather and longer days are finally here! Summer is a much-needed change of pace for both dogs and their owners. After a long winter cramped inside, summer has endless possibilities! Keeping your dog active is important for both their physical and mental health. Active dogs are typically better behaved at home and have a longer life expectancy. If you want to keep your dog moving this summer but aren’t sure where to start, check out these activities!

Make a Splash

Lots of dog breeds love the water! Water is a great option for a summer activity that won’t overheat your pup on the hottest summer days. If you have the space for a kiddie pool, that’s a cheap and easy way to add a new place to play right in your backyard. If a kiddie pool isn’t an option, consider visiting a small pond, creek, or even a dog-friendly community splash pad. Dog life vests are recommended if your dog is going into a larger body of water for the first time.

Find a Dog Park

Dog parks are designed to get dogs moving! They typically have a variety of toys, space to run, and challenging activities that will put your dog to the test. Your dog will also get the opportunity to socialize with other dogs! If your dog is inexperienced in a dog park setting, keep them on the leash for the first couple of visits.

Go for Daily Walks

A daily 30-minute walk is beneficial for both you and your dog. Make a walk a part of your daily routine so even if you don’t have time to get your dog active in other ways, they’re still getting the chance to move! You can take a walk around the neighborhood or find a walking trail for a change of scenery. If you get tired of just walking, try taking your dog on a hiking trail for a more challenging exercise.

Schedule Obedience Classes

Obedience classes are helpful for so many reasons. They get your dog up and moving while also teaching them to be more obedient and receptive to your commands. Group obedience classes are a good way to get your dog used to other dogs in a controlled environment with trained professionals nearby, unlike at the dog park.

Contact Argos Dog Training

If you need a little professional help with your dog this summer, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local dog trainer! Contact Argos Dog Training in Boston MA today to schedule an obedience class and learn more about keeping your dog happy and healthy this summer. Setting healthy habits in the summer will create a routine that sets you and your fur baby up for an active lifestyle all year round!