House Training: Discipline

House Training: Discipline

Discipline is a crucial part of training your dog. When a dog starts to go to the bathroom in the house, on the inside you want to be calm, but on the outside you want to make a ruckus. You want to get your dog’s attention and stop him in midstream. I have had success by clapping my hands, stomping my feet, raising my voice, shouting, but NOT shouting AT the dog. The message that I want to send is when you eliminate in the house, the house goes crazy. You do not go crazy, but the house does. For some dogs, you may need a shaker can or a water squirt bottle.

At the same time, start the process of rushing him outside. In the winter it is wise to be prepared to jump into your coat and shoes. Then clip the leash on and rush your dog outside. Puppies may have the leash on already; also dogs that are difficult to get a hand on may also use a drag leash. It is best if the dog walks out on his own, try to resist carrying small dogs. Once you and your dog is outside “Post Up”. This means stand in one spot and do not walk around. If it is a puppy or excited dog she may want to walk, play or do something else. Just wait for her to calm down sniff and eliminate. This will normally take less than 10 minutes. If your dog does not go after ten minutes just go back inside. If he does go, pet him, praise him, feel free to give him a treat, take him for a short walk or play with him outside.  If you always bring the dog right back inside he might hold off on going to get more time outside. When you return inside place the dog in the crate while you clean up, because you cannot clean and watch at the same time. 

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