How are Private Training Sessions Beneficial For Your Dog?

How are Private Training Sessions Beneficial For Your Dog?

Training a new pup can be an overwhelming and time-consuming venture. Luckily – dog classes and training can help make the process easier, especially if this is your first time. But for many families, committing to weeks of classes can be impossible. Private training sessions, even though they are more expensive, maybe the solution. There are several advantages to private training sessions for both you and your dog that make the cost worth it. 

Flexibility in Scheduling

If you have a hectic schedule, it may seem like there isn’t time to join a more traditional training class. However, private trainers may be able to offer a bit more flexibility if your schedule requires it. 

Sometimes, timing isn’t necessarily the issue, but traveling to a lesson, waiting there, and traveling home can create a burden for your family. Since many private trainers will come to your home instead, it can free up other members of your family to tackle other things while one pet caregiver attends the session with the trainer. 

Health Considerations

Private training lessons can be incredibly beneficial if you or your pet has significant health issues. If an owner has restricted mobility or any other health problems that might make it difficult or impossible to attend a training session, travel to and from that session, or participate within the session itself. Private lessons in this scenario have an additional benefit in that the trainer can also suggest any modifications to the home that the owner can do to make managing their dog’s behavior easier. 

Specific Learning Styles

If you’ve tried a class before and struggled to remember and implement what you learned, it may have been a difference in learning style. While you could keep trying different group classes, hoping something will stick, it may be easier and less expensive to spring for private lessons. A private trainer can modify his or her approach to what works best for you and your pet. 

Custom Training Program

When you hire a private trainer, they will develop a personalized program for you and your dog. The trainer can tailor the training and expectations of progress to you and your dog specifically. For example, maybe you’ve already trained your dog to sit and fetch, but what you really need is help to get him or her to greet guests without jumping on them or to bark less when someone knocks on the door. A private trainer will be able to assess your individual situation and build appropriate lesson plans and timelines for your unique situation. 

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There are many advantages to private training for both you and your dog. Unless you specifically need help socializing your pup, there are few things you can’t get from private lessons that you could from a group class. When you factor in convenience and customization, the benefits far outweigh the added cost. We offer private one-on-one dog training sessions at Argos Dog Training in Boston. Get in contact with us today to learn more and sign up!