How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

Any dog owner knows that although we love our furry friends, sometimes they just don’t know when to stop barking! If your pooch seems to bark at every little noise, or no noise at all, figuring out how to get them to stop is no easy task. We’ve put together a few methods you should try next time you’re in need of a way to make the barking stop. Remember, not every method will work on every dog, so be patient before you give up! 

Ignore the Behavior

Dogs are similar to little kids in a lot of ways. When a toddler is throwing a tantrum, parents are often instructed not to respond to the negative behavior. This same logic applies to your dog! If you are talking to, touching, or otherwise engaging with your dog when they bark, they’ll see it as a reward to their behavior and want to continue doing it. Once he quiets down, come in and quickly offer praise or a treat. Soon they will see which behavior gets them attention and which doesn’t. 

Eliminate the Barking Motivation

Every dog that barks has a motivation to do so. It could be people walking by on the sidewalk, other animals outside, or a number of other things. Remove the barking motivation to help your dog reduce the amount of time spent barking. If people on the sidewalk trigger the barking, keep the blinds closed. You must find a way to keep your dog apart from the cause of the barking before you expect the barking to stop. 

Expose Your Dog to Stimulus

Another way to help reduce barking is by getting your dog more comfortable with the stimulus that they’re barking at. Take them into public settings, have more people over, and introduce any situation that typically causes the dog to bark. It’s a good idea to begin this process in short doses and keep the dog far from the actual stimulus until they’re more comfortable.

Dog Training Classes in Boston

No matter how you choose to train your dog not to bark, do so in a calm way. If you raise your voice at the dog while they’re barking, they’ll just think you’re barking along with them! Be consistent and positive during the training process so that your dog is able to form new, positive, habits over time. Remember, affirmation of the good behavior is more important than disciplining of the bad behavior! If you need assistance in teaching your dog to not bark or any other commands, the experts at Argos Dog Training are here to help! Check out our list of dog training classes in Boston here.