How to Help an Adopted Dog Adjust to a New Home

adopted dog in his new home

How to Help an Adopted Dog Adjust to a New Home


Adopting a dog is a great way to give a dog a new lease on life. Oftentimes, dogs that are up for adoption have had rough lives so far and they’re just looking for a happy forever home. Adopting a dog is such a rewarding experience, but that doesn’t mean it comes without challenges. Follow these tips to set your new dog up for success after adoption. 

Be Realistic 

As much as you want your new dog to immediately trust you and love their new home, that’s not a fair expectation. Set realistic expectations in your mind before you bring the dog home. Allowing your dog to adjust to its new environment will take a lot of patience. Let them lead the way and allow your bond to form naturally as they become more comfortable with you and your home.

Give Your Dog Their Own Space

Imagine coming into someone’s home and being expected to fully relax in their space. It would be impossible, right? Dogs are no different! Set your dog up for a smooth transition by giving them plenty of space for themselves. This could include a crate, a dog bed, and a designated area for their food and water. If you have other pets in the home, your newly adopted dog will need their own area and items. You can’t expect a new dog to share with your old dog and really feel like it’s their home, too! Your new dog will likely spend a lot of time in their designated spaces in the early days until they feel more comfortable in the rest of the home. 

Create a Routine 

Dogs that are up for adoption are usually lacking a lot of stability in their life. You can start lowering your dog’s stress levels and making the transition easier by following a daily routine. For example, you can wake up, go for a walk, give them a small treat, go to work, go for another walk after work, then feed them dinner around the same time each night. Everybody will have a different routine that’s unique to their lifestyle and that’s fine. As long as your dog has consistency and sufficient exercise, that’s all that matters! 

Set Clear Expectations 

Set clear expectations with your new dog from day 1. This mainly revolves around how they behave with you and other pets, as well as how they treat your home. Use positive reinforcement to praise positive behaviors instead of punishing the negative ones. Your dog will quickly learn what gets them praise and they’ll continue those positive actions. 

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