How to Help Your Dog Get the Most out of Training Sessions

How to Help Your Dog Get the Most out of Training Sessions

dog training sessionWhen training your dog to learn new commands or tricks, it’s important to keep in mind that it can be quite taxing for your dog both mentally and physically. Having patience with your furry friend is key. If you’re just getting started with the training process, we have some helpful tips to make your sessions as effective as possible. Keep reading to learn more about our tips for successful dog training, from session duration to reinforcement methods, distraction control, and beyond. 

Set Aside Time for Training

First, you’ll want to set aside a specific time for training sessions. One mistake that dog owners make early on is trying to sporadically teach commands and tricks here and there when they have the time. In order to get your dog to fully focus and understand that it’s time to learn, you need to set aside training time, just in the same way you’d allot time for yourself to exercise or work. Once you’ve chosen a specific time, it should be a commitment. Do your absolute best to not change, cancel, or cut the time short. This helps your dog stay on schedule and know when it’s training time.

Session Duration

When choosing your time for training, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that dog’s have a short attention span. Sessions of 15 minutes or less are optimal. Dogs get distracted easily, so a quick and effective session is the best way to go. This way, there’s less of a chance he’ll get boredom distracted. 

Helping Your Dog Focus

As mentioned, dogs have a short attention span. When starting your session, pick 1 to 2 commands or tricks you’ll focus on. This helps him to better focus on the task and really learn what you’re trying to achieve. By throwing in too many commands or behaviors for him, he may get more easily frustrated or confused and give up. Set your dog up for success by planning ahead of time! 

Limit Distractions

When you’re first getting started with a new command, try to conduct the sessions in a quiet, private space. This way, your dog can really focus on the new skill without getting easily distracted. As he becomes more comfortable with the command, you can start to add in some distractions, such as other people or pets in the room. You can even try taking him to the park to work on commands. This will be the true test to see if he’s really “mastered” the skill!

Positive Reinforcement

Dogs are just like people in the sense that they respond well to positive reinforcement! It’s important to always end the session on a positive note. This will leave him feeling encouraged and more likely to succeed and be ready for the next session. 

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