How to Make Bath Time for Your Dog Easy

How to Make Bath Time for Your Dog Easy

Does your “good boy” turn into a not so good boy at bath time? If your dog hates baths, you probably hate it, too, because it can be hard to wrestle a dog into the bath when he doesn’t want to be there. Whether your dog fights to get out, or just looks terrified and anxious, there are steps you can take to make bath time more tolerable for you both!

Make time for bath time

Don’t squeeze bath time in when you can – make sure you have enough time to take steps to make bath time enjoyable. When you’re in a hurry, your sense of urgency can rub off on your dog and make them more anxious. Especially if your dog is already reluctant to take a bath, you’ll need extra time to make him comfortable.

Stay positive

Just like a sense of urgency can make your pup feel anxious, a positive attitude can put your dog in the right mindset for bath time, too. Talk to him about what you’re doing in an upbeat voice and he’ll be much more likely to stay happy during the bathing process.

Use natural instincts to your advantage

When you go for a long walk or run, chances are that you like to shower. Your dog does, too. Take your dog for a long walk or run right before bath time. He may be more likely to get in the water to cool himself down if the instincts are already there.

Make it fun

It can be challenging for you and your dog to enjoy bath time if you approach it as a chore. Instead, make it fun by thinking of it more as playtime. This can be a really great strategy for dogs who love toys. Stock up on a few that won’t be worse for the wear if they get wet (i.e. rubber etc.) and let your dog take out any bath time frustration on it.

Make sure your water is comfortable

Do you love scalding hot showers or ice-cold baths? Even if you do, your dog may not. The best temperature is lukewarm water for your dog. Keeping the water temperature comfortable for your dog may ease a lot of the bath time stress on its own.

Bring a treat

Your dog loves getting treats and eating. Consider bringing treats for him to the bathtub so he can start associating it with positive things. You might also consider feeding him there for a bit. Then when it is bath time, he might be less likely to panic.

Contact Argos Dog Training

If you’re still stuck, it may be time to get the help from a professional. Argos Dog Training is an expert dog trainer and can provide you with tips as well as teach your dog commands and things for you to do to help your dog behave better for bath time. Private one-on-one sessions may be the best option in this case. Get in touch with us today to setup a consultation!