How to Prepare for Your New Puppies Arrival

How to Prepare for Your New Puppies Arrival

Getting a new puppy is so exciting for you and your family that it’s almost easy to forget there’s a lot to be done before your new best friend arrives. Welcoming a new fur member to your family is a big adjustment, but preparing beforehand can make this transition infinitely easier! We’ve put together a list of essentials you’ll want to have before your new pup comes home for the first time.

Dog Crate

Contrary to popular belief, dog crates are meant to serve as your puppies safe space and his own home, not his punishment. It’s essential to choose a dog crate your puppy will be comfortable and happy in that is just his. You’ll be using this for crate training, which is especially useful for rescued dogs or anxious puppies. This is a place where they can go for comfort and security when they’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the new sensations they’re experiencing. If your puppy is comfortable in his crate, you can put him in there while you’re out of the house knowing he’s safe and not tearing up the rest of the house! Make sure not to leave him in there for too long and that you’re not using his safe space as a form of punishment. 


Spoil your new companion with lots and lots of toys! This one may be obvious, but you want to have plenty of toys of different varieties, like hard Kongs or crinkly stuffed animals. You may want to get a plush toy to bring with you when you pick up your new puppy! This will carry the scent of his mother and littermates and help him feel at ease in his new forever home. 


Puppies chew just about everything! From table legs to their own tails, puppies will chew on anything and everything; they go through teething phases just like babies and toddlers do. Having good dog chews will help you avoid having your puppy chew your favorite furniture, clothes, shoes, and more! Redirect bad chewing behavior to good chewing behavior if you have the right chew toys for your dog. Chews are necessary to have not only for your benefit but for your pups! Until he loses his puppy teeth, he needs to be strengthening his jaw and teeth by chewing on the proper materials. 

Puppy Food

Puppy food is vastly different than regular adult dog food. Your puppy is growing, and therefore needs food that’ll support his growth with the right vitamins and ingredients. Depending on the breed of dog you have, the best type of food may vary. We suggest talking to your vet to best determine what food your puppy should be eating. A few of the top-rated puppy food brands include Wellness Core, Whole Earth Farms, Hill’s Science, Taste of the Wild, and more.

Leash, Collar, and Name Tags

Two of the most important things to have from day one with your puppy is a leash and a collar! You’ll be training your dog how to walk outside with you properly, and puppies need lots of exercise. He’ll have tons of energy so get ready for lots of walks and playtime! We recommend getting two kinds of leashes: a lightweight nylon and a leather training leash. If you’ve decided your puppies name beforehand, it’ll be helpful to order name tags for him! Should your dog ever wander, it’s important to have a name tag with his name, your address, and phone number so whoever finds him can return him safely. 

Puppy Training Classes in Boston

Lastly, if you plan on going to dog training classes, make sure to sign up right away! The faster you get to training, the better your relationship with your FURever friend will be! If you need assistance with training, contact us at Argos Dog Training! We have a variety of puppy training classes, both private and in groups, as well as puppy kindergarten! Call us today or fill out a contact sheet!