How to Stop a Dog from Begging

How to Stop a Dog from Begging

Even if your furry friend has mastered commands like “sit” and “stay,” he still might struggle with resisting the urge to beg at the table. While this can seem like a minor annoyance, it can lead to other less-desirable behaviors if left alone. To stop your dog from begging at the table, here are a few simple tips to try out. 

Dinnertime for Everyone

It can be frustrating for a hungry dog to see his owners eating while he hasn’t had dinner yet. If he’s hungry, that could be the reason he’s coming to the table to beg. To encourage your pet to focus on his own food and not on yours, serve him steroids uk dinner at the same time (or just before) you sit down to your own meal. If he has his food in front of him, he won’t want yours. If he still gets distracted by the delicious smells coming from the table, consider feeding him in a separate room altogether so he can focus on his own tasty meal. 


It can be hard to ignore your furry friend, but sometimes that’s what he needs. Dogs have mastered those big puppy-dog eyes to get human sympathy, but now is not the time to give in! If you start handing down scraps to Fido, he’ll see that his behavior gets rewarded, and he’ll keep begging. Instead of giving in or scolding your dog, simply ignore him or redirect him to another activity – his own dinner, a chewy treat, or a fun toy. 

Send Him Home

If your dog tends to come to the family dinner table looking for dessert after he’s finished his own meal, establish a routine of sending him to a comfortable spot where he can relax and digest. A fluffy pillow or dog bed makes a welcome spot, as does a cozy crate or mat. Make sure his after-dinner home is snug and comfy enough that he’ll enjoy spending time there while he waits for his humans to finish their meal and come to play. 

Teach Him Obedience

Basic obedience skills like “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it” are perfect commands to get your dog used to paying attention to you and learning some discipline. Once they get the hang of these commands, you’ll be able to use them at the dinner table to get him to discontinue unwanted behavior. And since he’s accustomed to listening to your commands, he’ll know exactly what you want from him pretty quickly. 

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