How To Train A Dog To Not Bite

How To Train A Dog To Not Bite

Dogs bite mainly when they perceive they are under attack or as a result of their protectiveness. To train your dog not to bite, there are things several things you need to do, and we’re here to clearly explain them. You may not want your don’t bite anyone, but most times, the bite is instinctual. To train a dog not to bit, the owner must understand certain things about his/her dog.

Tips And Tricks:

Understand the Body Language of Your Dog

Every dog communicates using a particular body language. You should always pay attention to what your dog’s body language is telling you. 

The chances that a dog will bite when it feels afraid or unhappy that its territory is being invaded is very high. Body languages like bared teeth, lowered head, raised hackles, etc. are all signs that your dog is uncomfortable and may bite. 

When you notice that your dog is exhibiting such traits, advise people to give it some space. 

Most times, people think that stop their dog from growling is the best thing to do. On the contrary, it does more harm than good in the long run. When you make your dog feel it is inappropriate to growl, the dog learns the lesson and stops growling in any uncomfortable situation. You often hear about dogs biting without warning; well, this is mostly because you taught not to communicate its discomfort through growling.    

Employ Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Method

This dog training centers on rewarding good behavior of your dog rather than punishing the dog for inappropriate behavior. The positive treatments can include verbal encouragement, treats, additional playtime, or any activity you know your dog enjoys. According to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Behavior, dogs trained using punishment are 25% more likely to respond with aggression than other dogs. 

Obedience Training

It is far easier to control an obedient dog than one that is not obedient. By utilizing obedience training, you can make your dog focus on you while it is in uncomfortable situations. When you can control the behavior of your dog, the chances of the dog biting someone is significantly reduced. 

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