My Inner Understanding of Dog Training (Part 1)

What is my blog about?
My person philosophies about dog training and by extension life.
What is Philosophy?
Philosophy is the why of life. A child might ask, “Why is the sky blue?” Or, “Why do I have to eats dinner? Or you might ask, “Why does my dog have to dig holes in my yard?” Or, “Why is my dog afraid of men?” This blog is my answer. This Blog goes into details about the why of my dog training philosophy, which cannot be separated from my living philosophies.
Why would you want to read about what I think?
Because if you have a dog, you may be having problems with or goals that dog.  I am a professional dog trainer with years of experience and a lot of success work with other peoples dogs. I also have my own dog and we communicate wonderfully together. This is for dog lovers. I write about what I think, because I like to write about what I think and how I came to these conclusions. I am a dog trainer. I am a philosopher. If by philosopher we mean a person who likes to think, or a person who likes to think about how we think. Not how thoughts bounce around in our brains, but about how we decide which thoughts are right for us, or which ones are not. Another way to put it is which thoughts deserve action and which ones do not. I intend to do this by blogging about my personal inner understanding or inner game of dog training.  If I am your dog trainer already we have spoken a great deal about outward practice of dog training. This blog is about the things that go unsaid, the foundations, thoughts, and assumptions that underlay our dog training practice.

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