My Inner Understanding of Dog Training (Part 2)

How did I come up with my philosophies?
Click here to read my philosophies. I did not come up with these philosophies. I was influenced in my thinking by nature, and a lot of other people. My mother, father, my brothers, sister, close friends, and society influenced me. I was also influenced by my wife, her family and her culture, and by many authors, translator, and philosophers, like Lao Tzu, Marcus Aurelius, Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, and many others. I think that if we understand ourselves and understand our dogs then we can fix any problem with dog behavior.
What other features does this blog have?
This blog is intended to work closely with the “ask a trainer” email function that this site has. I will respond to all emails most privately but if your email gets my attention and sparks my interest then I will ask for your permission to use it in the blog.
The biggest feature that this blog has on the website is dedicated to achieving a better understanding of dogs and the lives we live with them. We will listen first, understand second, and reply third.


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