Is Your Dog Exercising Enough in the Winter

Is Your Dog Exercising Enough in the Winter

With the freezing cold temperatures that come in the winter time, combined with snow storms and other harsh weather conditions, it can be tempting for us to never want to leave our house. Getting ourselves to go to the gym and exercise or go for a walk can be much more of a struggle in the winter. However, when we don’t want to go outside, we’re not the only ones being impacted. Your dog still has energy that needs to be released, no matter what time of year it is. (And they’ll still need to go outside to use the bathroom, too!) Physical activity is important for a dog’s health, just like it is humans. If they’re not exercising, they won’t sleep right, and other health problems may occur. So although it may be too cold out to go for extensively long walks as you might in the summertime, there are alternatives to keep your dog active! You’ll just have to get creative. Here are a few ideas to try that will ensure your dog is still getting enough exercise this winter.

Make him Work for Meals

Rather than just dumping his cup of food into a bowl for him to chow down on in 2 seconds, try putting it in a toy that will challenge him! Something like this interactive food dispensing toy will make mealtime an adventure. It’s both mentally and physically stimulating for him to get his food out of. It also slows down how fast he’s eating, which is better for digestion.

Indoor Home Training

During snow storms and other cold weather conditions, take advantage of the indoor time by teaching your dog some new tricks. You can practice sit, stay, come, and even leash training. Just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you, and your dog can’t get some physical exercise!

Sign up for a Structured Day Care Program

If your dog simply isn’t getting the adequate exercise he needs inside, try signing him up for a doggy daycare program near you! The facility will most likely have more space for him to run around and burn off some steam than he would at home, especially if he’s by himself all day.

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