Keeping Your Dog Active in the Winter Months

Keeping Your Dog Active in the Winter Months

Gaining a little extra winter weight isn’t something that only affects humans during the colder months. In fact, your dog is just as likely as you to see a decline in their overall health due to a lack of activity in the winter. Boston has especially cold winters, but there are still plenty of ways to keep your dog (and yourself) active and healthy all year round. Check out some tips below.

Get Some Fresh Air 

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your dog won’t enjoy a walk outside. Some breeds even prefer the cold! The only thing you need to be wary of on winter walks is salt treated sidewalks. If the route you’re taking has recently been treated with salt, putting booties on your dog to protect their paws is the best way to ensure the chemicals don’t harm them. Around your own home, opt for pet-safe salt! You might also want to invest in a jacket or sweater for them to keep warm outside even on the chilliest days. 

Utilize Feeding Toys 

Did you know that dogs actually get more enjoyment from their food when they have to work for it? A challenge before they get their reward keeps their brain active and lowers the risk of a dog overheating, which can lead to weight gain. There are a wide variety of feeding toys for different dog sizes and difficulty levels. As your dog gets used to their feeding toy, move up to a more challenging one to keep things interesting! Feeding toys can be used for both meal and snack times to keep the fun going all day long. 

Practice New Tricks 

Spend 15 minutes a day working on new tricks with your dog. Tons of tricks can be done indoors. Shake, sit, lay, roll over, and speak, are some of the most common tricks to start with. Training your dog not only challenges their mind, but it helps strengthen your bond with them too.! Even the oldest of dogs can always learn a new trick

Look for an Obstacle Course Class 

Indoor obstacle courses for dogs are more common than you might realize. Check out your local area to learn more about ways to get your dog out of the house and active without being stuck outside. 

Contact Argos Dog Training

If you’re struggling to train your dog during the winter months or any time of the year, Argos Dog Training can help! As a highly experienced dog trainer, we can teach you everything you need to know to transform even the unruliest pup. Since 2020 has caused all of us to spend more time at home, what better time to start than right now?! Check out our list of dog training courses and private training sessions, and give us a call at 617-302-7467 to get started!