Keeping Your Dog Safe on Halloween

Keeping Your Dog Safe on Halloween


Choose Costumes Wisely

Dressing up your dog can be adorable, but can quickly turn disastrous if not chosen wisely. First, ensure that your dog’s vision will not be obstructed in the costume. You’ll also want to make sure it’s not restrictive or unsafe for your dog in any way. Also avoid costumes that use rubber bands to hold the costume in place, as your dog can easily chew through them and become a choking hazard. The elastic can also become embedded in the dog’s fur, causing irritation or pain.

Keep Away From the Door

On Halloween night when trick-or-treaters are knocking on the door, ringing the doorbell, and causing a commotion in the front entryway, it’s usually best to keep your dog away. All the noise and strangers entering the house can confuse your dog and make him feel stressed. After all, your dog has an instinctive nature to protect your family. With so many unfamiliar faces in his home, he may quickly go into protective mode and start acting up. The last thing you want is your dog to bite a trick-or-treater or dart out the door because he’s frightened.

Be Cautious of Candles and Jack-O-Lanterns

Many people like to light their driveway and porches with lit pumpkins and candles on Halloween night. If you do this, make sure to keep pets far away, as they can be knocked over easily causing a spill of hot wax, or potential fire hazard.

Don’t Leave Pets in the car

This one may seem obvious, as pets should never really be left in the car. However, it may be tempting to leave them in the car as you take the kids trick-or-treating to just a few houses in a neighborhood. Leaving them in the car on Halloween night is particularly scary for them, as creatures of all types will be walking by. To avoid them becoming aggressive, keep them at home where they are safe and sound.

Don’t Share Candy

While candy is a sweet treat for us, it is not safe for dogs to consume, and actually poses numerous health risks. Keep your pets away from any type of chocolate, candy corn, hard candies, and wrappers that could be dangerous when swallowed.