Dog and Puppy Training Services in Lexington, Massachusetts

Dog training for owners in Lexington, Massachusetts

Argos provides an array of dog training and puppy training courses and programs for dog owners in Lexington to improve your dog’s behavior and the relationship between you and your dog. Have a look at the dog training programs we have to offer below! We are sure you will find the training you and your dog need at Argos Dog Training. 

Board and Train Programs in Lexington, MA

Board-and-train programs offer extensive benefits for dogs and their owners. Allowing your dog to spend real, quality time with a trainer can be life-changing. Argos is happy to offer multiple board-and-train program options for dog owners who need some intense training but do not have the time to or struggle to train at home. 

The SuperCycles Board and Train Program 

This program is perfect for owners facing challenges with their dog’s behavior off-leash. It is important for dog owners in Lexington to be able to trust that their dog will listen and respond when at home and off-leash. Your dog will stay with us Monday through Friday for four weeks, with a training session for you each Friday. You’ll take your dog home Friday for a weekend of home practice, then return him on Monday until the program is complete. You and your dog will be able to use these essential skills that will improve manners, behavior, and your confidence as their owner. 

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the Fast Start Board and Train program

If you are an owner struggling to get your dog to listen to you, this is the perfect training program. The Fast Start program focuses on all bad behaviors you may be experiencing: leash pulling, overexcitement, jumping, biting, chewing, you name it! Your dog will stay at Argos from Monday-Friday for two weeks while we apply our training methods to focus on the behaviors that need fixing. On Friday, you and your dog will have a one hour training session with our trainers so you can learn and practice said methods yourself with your pup and are able to continue the training over the weekend, until you drop them back off Monday for a second week of training. 

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Private dog training lessons in Lexington, MA

Our Out and About dog training program was designed for dogs who have a habit of pulling on their leash, jumping all over guests and new people they meet, and struggling to calm down when they need to. This program consists of six training lessons that will focus on your dog’s behavior and work on what is necessary. Once these lessons are complete, you will have a dog who is happy to listen to you!

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Puppy Training Programs in Lexington, MA

Puppies are always fun and adorable, but they can also be a handful if proper training is not instilled early in their lives. Without training, your puppy will hold onto bad behaviors like biting, chewing, and accidents into their adult lives.  Argos Dog Training offers Puppy Kindergarten 1 for puppies 8 – 12 weeks to eliminate these bad behaviors early while also focusing on socialization, another aspect of puppies that should be prioritized at an early age. Your puppy can then continue onto Puppy Kindergarten 2 and continue working on socialization with other puppies their age and their owners alike. 

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