Dog Training and Puppy Training Services in Medford, Massachusetts

Dog training and puppy training services in Medford

Argos Dog Training looks forward to working with Medford dog owners and their pups to enhance your relationships and improve behavior. No matter what your behavior you are looking to work on with your dog, the Argos Dog Training services covers it all. Follow along as we discuss the dog training and puppy training services and courses we have to offer. 

Dog Training in Medford, MA

Argos offers a selection of dog training courses for you and your dog based on needs, wants, and availability. Our Out and About training program was created for those who want the freedom to do what you love, while your dog is around. The Out and About Program includes 6 private lessons and focuses on teaching your dog to walk loosely on a leash, sit reliably when they’re asked and stay on a bed when you ask , and listen around distractions so you have more freedom knowing your dog will still listen!

dog board and train programs in Medford, ma

For those looking to sign up for boarding training programs, Argos offers the best in Boston. Our Fast-Start Board and Train Program is perfect for families who are busy but want to make the most of training. This is a 10-day program with 1-on-1 training practice while your dog stays at your trainer’s home. There will never be more than one other dog boarding and training at the same time! This program includes 4 private lessons to teach you how to train and maintain your dog’s training.

We also offer a more immersive board and train program, our Unlimited Freedom training program. In this program, your dog will stay with us Monday – Friday, for four weeks, with a training session for you each Friday. You’ll take your dog home Friday for a weekend of home practice, then return them on Monday! This is a 30-day total program. 

Puppy Training in Medford, Ma

Did you just bring home a new darling puppy? The love and light a new four-legged family member can bring is beautiful, however, training your puppy is imperative for all owners. For the puppies 8-12 weeks old, Argos offers Puppy Kindergarten 1.  this class focuses on starting your puppy off on the path to a lifetime of good behavior. We’ll troubleshoot house training, play biting, inappropriate chewing and more. Class also focuses on proper socialization to other people and body handling, objects and other dogs.

As they grow to be 13-20 weeks, Argos offers Puppy Kindergarten 2, a course focused on socialization. These classes allow you to watch the Argos Staff socialize your puppies, meet people who have puppies in the same age as yours, ask questions, converse with your trainers about puppy devolvement, and get real practical advice on how to reward wanted behaviors while discouraging unwanted behavior.

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Argos looks forward to working with Medford dog owners to enhace their relationships with their furry friends and improve necessary bahaviors. For more information about our dog training courses and services, reach out to Argos Dog Training today! We even have an Online Dog Training program for those unable to visit. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form