Milton Dog Training

Milton Dog Trainer

Argos Dog Training is happy to have trained many dogs in Milton MA, transforming them into well-behaved companions for their owners. Milton is located only 2 miles south of our location, creating easy access to drive here for classes or for us to come and provide private training sessions at your house. No matter which option you choose for your dog, we guarantee that it’ll be worth it. We’ll work on basic commands, skills, and other behaviors to train your dog.

Argos Dog Training truly offers easy access for everyone. If you are too busy with work and everyday life activities we are happy to provide in house private training lessons. We also provide a range of training services at Argos Training in Boston. We offer a 10-day board and training course, advanced off-leash training, puppy development training, and basic 10-day training option at our location. Many Milton residents live in neighborhoods where a misbehaved dog can cause major stress. Whether your dog misbehaves towards strangers, doesn’t obey your commands, or much more, we are happy to help you. Keep reading to learn more about our professional dog training services offered in Milton MA.

Dog Training Classes & Boarding in Milton

At Argos Dog Training, we always start with a consultation to discuss your dog and get an idea of his current behaviors, lifestyle, and beyond. This helps us to determine the options for your dog and what will be the best option to achieve the goals you have for your furry friend. We offer several different dog training classes, both for puppies and dogs. From our 4-day board and train program, to the habit breaker, habit maker program where your dog would spend 30 full days with a trainer, we offer options for all different levels. We also have 2 puppy classes, for 8-12 weeks and 13-20 weeks. Helping your dog to develop good habits and behaviors early is crucial. Our trainers have the resources and experience necessary to train your dog and teach him commands that will be crucial for his (and others) safety and happiness.

Private Dog & Puppy Training in Milton

Some dogs need a little extra attention, and we’re glad to give it to them! Private training is a great option if your dog has specific behaviors or commands that he needs to work on. It allows our trainers to give full, undivided attention to your furry friend and ensure he’s getting the most he can out of the sessions.

Contact Argos Dog Training

Interested in learning more about our private and group dog training classes in Milton? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Give us a call at 617-778-8987 or fill out an online form today to get started.