Dog Training in Needham, Massachusetts

Argos Dog Training is happy to provide the Needham community with our dog training services. At Argos Dog Training, we have provided residents and dogs with training that solves poor behavior. At Argos Dog Training, we offer a very convenient service at our location in Boston, which is only a 10-mile drive. 

Feel free to read through our various training options to see what may be the best for you and your dog. Don’t worry if you are unsure; we will cover everything with you in a Free Phone Evaluation that you can set up with us. Needham has a range of nice neighborhoods and busy sections. A troubled or misbehaved dog can cause unneeded stress for a dog owner. Argos Training has been transforming dogs for almost ten years, resulting in improved families. Our training training can be excellent for puppy development. The younger we can train your dog, the better it will be!

The Mission Programs

Our selection of Mission dog training programs includes both board and train and private training sessions for your pup and your family. From 25 days of board and training to just four private sessions, your dog’s focus and behavior can completely transform. Our dedicated and professional trainers work closely with your dog to determine precisely what to work on during these training sessions. By the end of your time in the mission programs, your dog will be calm, boundaries will be set, and communication will be better than ever. 

Supercycles Canine Communication Programs

Through our Supercycles programs, you can choose from board-and-train, private lessons, and online training courses. These programs are dedicated to improving the communication between you and your pup, which will last a lifetime—from your dog listening intently to commands every time to you being able to read your dog’s body language, these programs go beyond basic obedience training, empowering you to predict your dog’s actions, resulting in a beautiful connection with your dog. 

Structurally Harmonious Dog Training Programs

We offer structurally harmonious training as short board-and-train and private lesson programs. These programs were created to transform and ultimately enhance your relationship with your dog. After this program, you will be equipped with our professional trainers’ knowledge and skills, resulting in a cohesive and loving life with your pup. 

Puppy Training Programs

Puppies are adorable…and a lot of work! The best thing you can do for your puppy is to train them as young as possible. We offer Puppy Kindergarten training programs for puppies as young as eight weeks that focus on lasting training skills and knowledge you can use for the rest of your dog’s life. Your dog will be equipped with lessons and good behavior from the start!

Contact Argos Dog Training 

For more information about Argos Dog Training and how we can fix any poor dog behavior, call 617-778-8987, email, or fill out our online contact form