Online and In-Person Dog Training Services in Newton, Massachusetts

Dog Training and Puppy Training Services in Newton

Argos Dog Training is proud to offer it’s dog training services to the residents of Newton, Massachusetts. Training a dog can be a stressful experience. Dogs have problems going to the bathroom outside, walking by an owners side, greeting strangers respectfully and more. Dog trainer Martin Wright is an experienced dog trainer that can help with all these problems. We are happy to visit your home in Newton for in home private lessons and also happy to offer our services at our home location in Boston. Before any training gets done, we want to meet with you and your pet for a consultation. This give us the ability to meet in person and further discuss your dogs overall behavior.

Dog Training Programs for Dog Owners in Newton, MA

Argos Dog Training offers a variety of dog training programs based on the issues you are having with your dog. We work closely with you and your pup to determine your needs and best plan of action. Follow along as we go over our trusted dog training courses proven to fix your dog’s behavior and improve your relationship

Board and Train Programs for Dog Owners in Newton, MA

Argos Dog Training’s Fast Start Program is Boston’s most trusted board and training program for dog owners. This program is perfect for families wanting and needing to train their puppy or dog but simply may not have the time. If you are struggling to correct behaviors like jumping, dragging, chewing, endless barking, or bad reactions, the Fast Start Program can help. From Monday to Friday, your dog will be trained with us, and Friday, you will receive private lessons before you bring your furry friend home to learn and maintain your dog’s training.

For those needing extra or more intense training, we offer the Unlimited Freedom Program, a more enhanced trusted and proven boarding training program for your puppy or dog.

Puppy Kindergarten Classes for Puppy Owners in Newton, MA

Puppies can be an absolute joy… when trained properly. Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies 8-12 weeksto help with listening skills and behaviors right away so you can enjoy a lifetime with your companion. Once graduated, your puppy will continue to Kingergarten 2, where they will continue training with the added aspect of socialization, which is absolutely crucial for puppies!

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Argos Dog Training looks forward to working with dog owners and puppy owners to provide comprehensive and results-driven training. For more information about how dog training can help you and your pup, give us a call at 617-778-8987 or email us at