Private Lessons vs. Group Training: Which is Best for Your Dog?

Private Lessons vs. Group Training: Which is Best for Your Dog?

As with anything in life, the answer to whether private lessons or group training is best for your dog depends on several factors. There are certainly pros and cons to each class type. Which class is right for you and your dog will depend on several factors:

Your Preferred Trainer

If you have a trainer in mind, maybe because he or she trained your other dog or a friend’s dog, then you may be limited to the type of class they offer. Some trainers only specialize in private lessons or in group training, because it is what they prefer.

The Age of Your Dog

If your dog is still a puppy, a group class might be a better option. In addition to learning new skills and tricks, your puppy will have a chance to socialize with other dogs in a safe space. Trainer-moderated playtime in group classes is a valuable part of your dog’s education that cannot be created in a private class.

Existing Behavioral Problems

If your dog is a bit older or has suddenly developed a new negative behavior, private lessons may be more appropriate. Private lessons can occur in your home, so that you and the trainer can address any concerns in the location where they are likely taking place. There are also generally fewer distractions in the dog’s home environment, compared to a classroom, so this helps the dog focus and learn more easily.

Your Schedule

With private classes, you can schedule them on your own time. However, this may mean that your dog ends up going too long between classes to really make progress as quickly as he could in a structured group class.

Your Budget

Group classes tend to be less expensive than private ones, but that isn’t always the case so it may be worth checking. Group classes require the overhead of a provided space, whereas a private trainer can work in client’s homes without those expenses. If you think you would prefer private classes but the cost is a factor, you might try to arrange semi-private classes. This is where one or two other dogs would join in the class, but would still give you and your dog plenty of individualized attention.

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Your dog is most likely to succeed when the right training environment for him or her is chosen. It is always best to start with your preferred method, and then if things do not seem to be going well, you can always try the other. If you are looking for classes in the Boston area, you can rely on Argos Dog Training for private and group dog training sessions. Check out our training courses or contact us today to learn more!