Puppy Training Mistakes That Lead to Poor Behavior

Puppy Training Mistakes That Lead to Poor Behavior

Bringing a new puppy into the home can bring a whole lot of joy, but it can also bring an equal amount of work. Training a puppy is a lot like raising a child; It is your job to teach him right from wrong, and make it clear which behaviors are acceptable. After all, if you don’t set clear guidelines and expectations, how can you expect that he’ll behave the way you want him to? Taking the time from the start is crucial when it comes to training your puppy. Being lazy and ignoring/allowing bad behavior can lead to some pretty bad habits for your dog. Check out some of these common mistakes that many dog owners make when training their pup!

Dealing With Accidents Inside

Just like humans, puppies don’t come out of the womb potty trained. It is our responsibility, as their owners to teach them right from wrong. One of the biggest mistakes that we make in the training process is allowing accidents to happen inside the house, without reprimanding them. Ignoring these types of behaviors can be detrimental to their learning process. If they do have an accident, make sure to speak to them in a firm tone and make it clear that what they did was unacceptable. When the time comes that they need to go to the bathroom again, if they go outside be sure to use positive reinforcement and show them that this is the correct behavior that is expected of them.

Avoiding the Crate

Some people feel guilty or mean putting their dog in a crate at any time. However, it is an important thing for him to learn how to get used to, as crate time is crucial for their learning. It keeps your dog, your family, your guests, and your belongings safe during certain situations. Your dog will hopefully learn to think of his crate as a “safe place,” as long as he is introduced to it in a positive manner and doesn’t develop negative feelings against it. As the owner, you have to be strong and make him stick it out. At first, he made cry and whine, but you can’t let him out immediately. This will just encourage him to misbehave everytime you put him in the cage. Instead, practice having him in there for short periods of time to show him it is not permanent and you are not abandoning him.

Allowing Your Dog to Demand

Just like you wouldn’t let your child run the household, you can’t let your dog have that type of power. If you give him what he wants every time he throws a fit barking or crying, you’re teaching him the wrong behavior. He will get the message that this is how to act any time he wants something. Instead, you have to show him that you’re in charge.

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