Socializing Your Puppy In A Time Of Social Distancing

Socializing Your Puppy In A Time Of Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant affects on all of our social lives. From quarantine, to limits on gatherings, reduced capacity at restaurants and businesses, social distancing, and other regulations, everything is far from normal. But have you considered the affect that it has had on the social life of our furry friends, too? You may be surprised to know that it affects animals in a similar way that it affects humans. They have not been getting to run around the dog park like normal, no pets from strangers, less human interaction, the list goes on. If he was used to going to doggy day care multiple times a week, that has likely stopped too, with many people working from home now. So, how can you help your dog to continue working on his social skills and be happy during this time? We’re diving into why dogs need socialization, and some tips to get started.  

The Need for Socializing 

Puppies need exposure to new situations, happenings, and threats to boost their self-confidence and courage. Socialization does not necessarily mean overwhelming dogs with unpleasant sounds, crowds, and experiences. 

They need to be conversant with different meaningful sounds, situations, places, etc. However, some of these might be difficult to accomplish during this period of social distancing. Still, there are ways we can effectively socialize our puppies around our homes. 

Tips for Socializing 

  • Take your puppy for strolls

 Once in a while, take the puppy out for walks. It could be around the compound or outside your gate. It gives the dog opportunity to meet different people, different buildings, a new environment (especially for a puppy that has not left the gate since birth), hears new sounds, responds to new experiences, etc. It is an excellent form of socializing for that period. 

  • Expose them to healthy threats

 You can organize threats for the puppy, either by playing strange sounds on your phone or introducing them to a close family friend. Watch the way they react to the sounds or people. 

It prepares their minds and instincts towards situations like that later on. They shouldn’t just be left inside a four-walled enclosed house all the time just because they are not humans.

  • Arrange puppy play dates

 As a puppy owner, you must meet with other puppy owners around you. Interact with them and discuss bringing your puppies together to play. Vaccinate your puppy and ensure the other party does the same to theirs, then the families, too, should maintain good hygiene on such meetings to avoid the spread of diseases. 

The playdates assist the dog’s sense of interaction with its kind, and it also allows the owner to understand so many things about their puppies.

  • Enroll them for dog classes

 Dog training classes are good ways to socialize your puppy. It is a safe method too because it is hosted by expert trainers who take the necessary steps and precatuions to avoid the spread of diseases among dogs and their owners. Your puppy gets to interact with other puppies and dogs. The experts also train the dogs for self-confidence, balance, and courage to face situations.

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