Dog and Puppy Training Programs in Somerville, MA

Dog Training Programs and Boarding Services in Somerville, MA

Argos Dog Training is happy to provide the community of Somerville with their dog training services. Leading trainer Martin Wright has transformed his Boston-based team into one of the leading training options in the area. Somerville is a beautiful community, but having a misbehaved dog here can be extremely stressful. Somerville is actually one of the more densely populated towns in the country. This means that if your dog has behavioral problems, then there are probably other people who will experience this misfortune as well.

Are you sick of your dog making your life and others tough for you? Martin Wright has continued to expand his portfolio, and the work speaks for itself. Check out our customer reviews and speak to the people who went through our programs!

Argos Dog Training has a various number of training classes that can help you find the perfect fit. 

Board and Train Programs for Dog Owners in Somerville, MA

Argos Dog Training’s Fast Start Board and Train program is one of the best in Greater Boston. This ten-day program is perfect for busy families wanting to work on their dog’s behavior. This program will completely transform your pup. We are able to work on behavior issues of all kinds, from dragging, overreacting, stealing food, and so much more. Reach out to us to learn more about this incredible program!

For those looking for longer, more intense training, our Unlimited Freedom Program is a 30-day board and train program designed to build a quality relationship between you and your dog and improve your dog’s behavior and home manners. 

Out and About Dog Training Programs for Dog Owners in Somerville, MA

The Out and About Program is perfect for dog owners in Somerville struggling to get their dogs to stop pulling, reacting, and jumping when out on walks. You want your pup to be with you, so it is important to stop this behavior as quickly as possible. This is a 6-week lesson designed to change your dog’s walking habits completely. By the end, your dog will be calmly walking by your side and listening to your every command. 

Puppy Training Classes for Puppy Owners in Somerville, MA

It is always a good idea to begin training your puppy as early as possible. Argos Dog Training offers puppy kindergarten courses to assist your puppy learn to listen and behave appropriately. Your puppy will begin in Kindergarten 1 to learn the basics as a small pup and graduate to Puppy Kindergarten 2, where they will learn essential socialization skills. Argos Dog Training is where to take your new pup! 

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