Summer Circus School

summer circus school $400

Your Smart Dog will stand out from the crowd and impress your neighbors, friends, and family, with all the tricks that they learn at Summer Circus School. 

The Summer Circus School Program is designed to help you to teach your dog some clever tricks in a fun, social outdoor environment. 

During this four-week program, you will teach your dog to get on and stay on a platform, jump through hoops, spin, sit pretty, and do other tricks. That is correct, I will show you how to teach your dog new behaviors. That knowledge will be useful to you throughout your dog’s life.

We keep the class sizes small to make sure that all clients 2-legged or 4-legged get all the time that they need. 

You will need the following items to be successful in this class: 

  • A Hungry Dog: It is important that your dog is hungry at the start of this class. We will be asking a lot from the dogs and we will need to motivate them. Food will be used as a motivator and a reward. You will not have to feed your dog dinner after this class especially if your dog is small.
  • A Treat Pouch and Belt: These are extremely important tools. We will use these tools to help us manage treats and feed the dog with good timing.
  • Treats: Please bring plenty of treats! The treats should be sized and textured so that your dog can eat them quickly and easily. It is always good to have different treats because sometimes a dog will get tired of one kind of treat.
  • Hot Dogs: Please bring hotdogs, beef or pork are fine for dogs to eat, so the choice is yours. We will use hotdogs as a high-value reward and motivator.
  • A six-foot leash and a sturdy, well-sized collar. This class is social but it is not pro-social. The dogs will not be allowed to greet each other or play with each other since the function of the class is to help you to engage with your dog in a fun way around distractions. Your leash will remain on your dog for the duration of the class. 

This class is not suitable for aggressive dogs or dogs with severe leash reactivity.