SuperCycles Directed Study

SuperCycles Directed Study Program

Welcome to a world where your desires meet expert guidance!

About this program

Welcome to a world where your desires meet expert guidance! You’re the kind of individual who knows exactly what you’re after and how to attain it. Your thirst for knowledge spans both the realms of business and life, and you harness this wisdom to optimize every moment. As you embark on the journey to cultivate your canine companion’s behavior in alignment with your intentions, you’re unwavering in your commitment to doing it right. CLICK HERE, and our team of dog training experts will propel you toward your objectives with unmatched efficiency and precision.

At our core, we recognize the unparalleled value of personalized attention. Collaborating closely with you, we sculpt a bespoke training regimen that harmonizes seamlessly with you and your beloved furry friend. Let us guide you in building a tailored plan that paints success in the hues of your vision. Curious to discover how we can embark on this transformative journey together? Unveil the possibilities by CLICKING HERE.

Efficiency is your ally, and results are your goal. Your desire to foster your dog’s development stems from a wellspring of commitment to elevating their behavior. Dog training, a pursuit both challenging and enriching, can be made all the more delightful by partnering with our seasoned professionals. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and revel in a streamlined approach that saves you time while ensuring a harmonious bond with your four-legged companion. Ready to embark on this rewarding path? Take the plunge by  CLICKING HERE.

Why Choose the SuperCycles Directed study program?

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A tailored blueprint, meticulously crafted with your aspirations in mind, awaits your grasp. Embracing the pivotal pillars of engagement, clarity, and accountability, our program equips you with the tools to communicate effortlessly with your canine confidant. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Ignite the spark of your dog’s willingness to heed your beck and call by CLICKING HERE.

We understand the frustration that arises when your dog seems indifferent to your intentions. Simple requests like settling down or responding to your call can morph into sources of chaos and stress, especially in social scenarios. Take heart; the right training and techniques can turn your canine companion into an eager collaborator who joyfully fulfills your requests, even amid distractions. Tame the tides of frustration by  CLICKING HERE.

For you, an untrained dog isn’t an option—it’s a realm you’ve transcended. You deserve the pure joy of sharing your life with a canine companion who’s attuned to your wishes. Worries about fitting sessions with a seasoned and respected dog trainer into your schedule? Worry no more. Our SuperCycles Program was crafted just for you to work at your own pace, with accountability and support. Embrace the pleasure of life with a well-trained dog by CLICKING HERE.

Indulge in the SuperCycles Program, a holistic experience designed to empower you and your dog. Immerse yourself in 43 concise training videos, each under 4 minutes, all accessible at your convenience. Our trainers are but a message away, reachable through Direct Messaging on our platform. A roadmap of step-by-step instructions and engaging homework assignments await your journey. Your instructor’s direct feedback paves the way, complemented by enlightening bi-weekly group Q&A calls. Ready to embrace this transformation? Secure your path by CLICKING HERE.

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real clients, real results

See what our happy clients say about Argos Dog Training!
Samuel S.
Samuel S.
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Delta and I have completed Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Kindergarten 2. We cannot be happier with the results we got. I have a dog that transformed from a puppy velociraptor to a well-adjusted adolescent dog. Classes like these are not just about dog training, they are also about OWNER training. I walked away with plenty of tips and tricks that I used to re-enforce our lessons from Argos Dog Training at home. Training never ends. Everyone from veterinarians to groomers to randos have complimented my dog's demeanor, and it's all thanks to the lessons we both learned at Argos. Make sure you do your homework. And ask questions. Training never ends. Thanks Martin!!
Sean R.
Sean R.
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Martin did an excellent job helping us understand our dog's particular personality and how to communicate better with her. This was something difficult to learn from just online videos and programs. He took great care of our dog while she was boarding. He prepared us with many tools and answered every question as best as he could. Martin takes great care in keeping us informed and making sure we were comfortable with his training methods and practice. Highly recommend Argos Dog training!
Daniel H.
Daniel H.
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We had a great experience working Argos! We have a very energetic puppy and Martin gave us the tools to manage his energy. Before we worked with Argos morning walks were a big challenge and is now our favorite time of day. Also, the entire Argos team is very friendly and helpful. Argos went above and beyond making sure training sessions worked around our busy schedule. Thanks Argos!
Maggie H.
Maggie H.
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Can’t speak highly enough of Argos Dog Training. Martin Wright has compassion and an intuitive understanding of both dogs and their humans. Came in with a serious problem of Celeste being aggressive to me in certain situations. We basically had to reestablish our relationship - like being in couples therapy with my dog. Learned the value of setting boundaries, consistent communication, and the need for repetition while training.
Luke U.
Luke U.
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Complete transformation in our dog's behavior. Before, our dog was aggressive and hard to control around other dogs. Now walks are a joy! Best of all, Martin helped us understand how to communicate with our dog and how to bring out his best.

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