Online Dog Training course

SuperCycles Directed Study Program $600

Immediately after purchasing this program, you gain access to the 43 short video lessons that make up a significant part of your canine communication program. These short video lessons explain and demonstrate how to teach a variety of games and commands to your dog. The video goes into detail to teach you why it is crucial to develop these particular skills. 

Once you practice with your dog, you must record a two-minute video showing you and your dog practicing the lesson. Then, send it to me through the private messenger in the program for review. I will review the video and send a voice or video-recorded reply with feedback about improving the exercise. 

As we go through this training program, we will become friends. You will know how to reach me quickly with questions, and I will develop a habit of responding quickly. Through this relationship, I will provide coaching about applying the lessons you and your dog are learning to your life situations to solve unwanted behavioral problems and achieve your goals for your relationship with your dog. 

The SuperCycles Program, with its 20 techniques, is a journey of continuous improvement for you and your dog. I coach you through your first cycle which must be completed within two years of purchase, and then you continue practicing as described in the program. As you practice, you will periodically send videos for review and progress noted. You will be recognized through our collar system. These collars, earned through your hard work and achievements, symbolize your progress, instilling a sense of pride and motivation. You start with your current dog collar and progress through White, Blue, Purple, and Brown to get to Black. There is no additional charge for the collars; they will be sent to you by Mail. You and your dog will also be featured in the Argos Online Support Group posts and on our website. 

You will need to purchase the recommended training tools to complete this program. 


This Program includes: 

  • 43 dog training videos with an average playing time of under 4 minutes 
  • Convenient access to trainers through Direct Messaging on our website
  • Outline Containing Step-By-Step Instructions for all Training Exercises
  • Homework assignments 
  • Direct Feedback from your instructor
  • Bi-weekly group question-and-answer calls
dog high fiving their trainer