Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

You know what they say… You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? Wrong! Just because your senior dog probably hasn’t been in training for quite some time now, that doesn’t mean that he can’t brush up on some old tricks and even learn a few new ones along the way. Not only is teaching them new tricks good for their physical health, but it also keeps them mentally stimulated. Just like humans, dogs should continue to be challenged throughout their life, even into their elder years. That being said, being aware of any health limitations, such as joint pain or arthritis in your dog, is crucial before starting. Here are a few new tricks to try out with your older dog.

Put Toys Away

If this is not something they learned as a pup, it’s not too late! Picking up toys and putting them back where they belong is a great skill for your dog to know. Not only will he be getting a little exercise, loosening up his joints, but also tidying the place up for you! You can help your dog learn this trick by first showing him how it’s done, offering treats for completing the task, and practicing consistently.

Name of Objects

This can be a fun one for you, and your dog! Even if your dog isn’t up for hours or fetch in the park anymore, that doesn’t mean he can’t fetch you a few household items every now and again. Start teaching him the names of items by showing him, and repeating the word over and over again. Items such as shoes, keys, or his toys may be a couple of handy items for him to learn. It may take him a while to pick up on the names at first, but once he understands the concept of the name game, he’ll likely pick up on new objects faster.

Tuck Himself In

If you live in a cooler climate and your dog loves to snuggle up in a blanket, this trick may be a dream come true for him! Teach him to lay down on the blanket, grab the corner of the blanket in his mouth, roll-over, and ta-da! He’ll be in a cozy blanket cocoon. This trick is pretty simple; Since he probably already knows “lie down” and “roll-over”, the only challenge will be grabbing the blanket, and putting it all together.

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